Portrait of Harry, a self-described bi-polar, caring but confused, ‘budless’, sleep-deprived, unemployed, intelligent young man at Occupy Victoria, Oct. 15, 2011, by ‘Goyo de la Rosa’

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After meeting and talking briefly with one happy young anarchist at the Global Zeitgeist table at Occupy Victoria yesterday afternoon, I wandered around the Centennial Square, looking for familiar faces, or interesting sights to shoot with my little camera, which I have yet to figure out how to download to this website.

I noticed a young bearded man standing next to me, wearing an amazing pair of pants which had so many patches on them that one would be hard pressed to find the original fabric, so many patches, in fact, that he looked somewhat clownish, in my humble bourgeois artist’s opinion. 

Nevertheless, wondering if the whole crowd was really just a bunch of uneducated naive if well-intentioned anarchists, for some reason, I looked him right in the eye, and blurted out, “Hi, do you mind if I ask you if you are an anarchist?”

He didn’t like to be labeled, but he did say that he had been trying to figure it all out, and that he hadn’t come to any big conclusions yet, although he didn’t outright deny that he was an anarchist.

I asked him why he was at the Occupy Victoria event and he said that he had been studying politics and world events for a few years, had held down some dead end jobs in ‘retail and manufacturing,’ but that he didn’t last long at them because of tensions between himself and the other straight workers, or because he couldn’t find any real meaning in the work, beyond the inadequate paltry pay cheques.

I asked him if he had ever done anything in construction, and he admitted he had some experience in labouring on construction sites, but that he hadn’t really learned any skilled construction trade.

He was a self-admitted bi-polar insomniac who sometimes, when he could afford it, used mota bought from Ted Smith’s outfit on Johnson Street (or wherever it now is located), and he had not slept properly nor eaten much in the last few days, because he had run out of the bud, and couldn’t afford any more until he had more moolah.

He complained of not feeling really connected, however, to a real community of like-minded people with similar goals.

He said he was alienated from the terrible things going on in the world these days, but he didn’t really know what the real answer to all the problems of the world actually is.

By then, I felt profound compassion for this young man, imagining myself in his predicament, living as a stranger from Powell River in a strange and alien uptight city where apparently he was not really loved nor even known by very many people with whom to form community.

He seemed to be quite literally lost in a morass of conflicting claims for attention by various charlatan groups like Global Zeitgeist.

Sensing an opening, I then told him that I was a trained historian, that I remembered the revolutionary atmosphere of the sixties and that this present moment of history reminded me of it, and then I enthusiastically regaled him with information about the Champion of Liberty, Dr. Ron Paul, and one of his most enthusiastic proponents, Alex Jones.

Alex Jones’ infowars.com provided an overarching integrated analysis of world history since Biblical times right up to the present moment that made good sense to me, and Mr. Jones had been profoundly influenced by the many books written by Dr. Paul on matters of Liberty, Revolution, and the need to END THE FED.

He had heard of Jones, and watched some of his short videos, but was annoyed by his manic manner of presentation, and thought that he was just a nut bar, as many people do when first listening to his ruined voice.

Alex Jones has thyroid problems agravated by his habit of yelling at rallies, making his hillbilly voice even more annoying than normal for many northerners.

I admitted that that was my first initial reaction to Alex Jones also, but I then asked him if he was interested in revolution.

It really depends on what kind of revolution you are talking about,’ he said with natural wisdom.

I agreed, and suggested to him that if had noticed that the two big parties in the States more or less operate in exactly the same manner, allowing their recent Dictators Bush and Obama to start unjust illegal wasteful wars without authority from the elected Congress, that there was a reason for that similarity, and that was because they were essentially no different at all, but were just sold like tampons or Viagra to the uneducated American public as part of what is known as the ‘false left-right paradigm.’

I explained that the false left-right paradigm comes out of the context of the violent French Revolution.

Once the revolutionaries had won, they set up meetings in a big Chamber, with the supposedly co-opted moderate remnants of the ancien regime sitting on the right side of the Chamber, and the supposedly more democratic and revolutionary of the headchoppers on the left side of the Chamber.

I emphasized that both groups supported chopping off more heads of decadent monarchists, aristos, fat priests and nuns.

The only real difference between them was over the scope of the killings in the horrific Reign of Terror and who was to be targeted next for the last march up the steps to Madame La Guillotine. 

Wanting to give him some hope before we went our separate ways, I suggested to him that the Occupy movement was in grave danger of being co-opted by millionaire apologists for the nonsense of the decadent Democratic Party (Cuomo, Gore, Sean Penn, etc.), and that if the protesters were not careful, their exciting ‘revolution’ would soon be taken over as the Egyptian one had been by the Globalist operatives, and just as had happened with the Tea Partiers after their initially grassroots movement was opportunistically invaded by members of the Establishment Republican Party.

Thus, no sooner were the phoney Tea Party candidates elected to Congress and the Senate, selling themselves as ‘fiscal conservatives’, then they made fools of their supporters by authorizing more American taxpayer dollars to be spend on the damn wars.

The real issue for the world is to recognize the need for peace, I suggested to him, and the only way to assure that is to learn about Ron Paul, who advocates bringing all the girls and boys in the American Imperial Legions to come home and to really defend America, and to stop trying to police the world on behalf of the Shadow Government of crooked crony banksters in the Federal Reserve Bank, the Bank of Canada, etc.

Stopping all the wars based on lies.


As the Peace Doctor Ron Paul says, ‘we rushed in to those countries, and we can rush right out’ of all 900 hundred Gringo military bases in 150 different foreign countries right now, protecting lives and liberty for all people involved, and thus making the world safe for eventual prosperity.

I really hope that Harry can get a job in the construction trades, as that is the opening into the real world that worked for Joseph, Jesus, my own father, all my brothers and myself.

Most men and women are not really suited to sitting in front of a radiation-emitting computer monitor, allowing themselves to be tracked by spooks, living in a so-called virtual reality.

We are social animals, as the ancient Greeks said, but we are also spiritual creatures that long for communion with the Creator and with each other.

When one works with one’s hands as the Jewish carpenter did, hanging around with rough uneducated fishermen, addicts, prostitutes, taxcollectors, census takers and others employed or otherwise used by the decadent Establishment and despised by the suffering people, one learns to live in the moment of the eternal now, and all is right with the universe.

The key to it all is to find the real model for all people, the man who brought lasting peace to the world.

And then to pray to him daily to bring that peace deep into one’s heart, for deep conversion of one’s heart, mind and spirit and those of all peoples.

And then, to spread that real Love and Peace of Christ to all the Harrys of the world.

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