NDP Corporatist Establishment take over Occupy Victoria: a strategic disaster as aimless leaderless group is co-opted by Globalist socialist Mayor Dino, corralled into Centennial Square

Unless David Shebib, David Arthur Johnson and Jonathan LeDrew and that whole Garbage Guru Gang of merry nocturnal pranksters manage to set up a Liberty Peace Revolutionary Camp down at the leg tonight, the Occupy Victoria thing will likely fizzle out in Centennial Square, a completely uncongenial spot for peaceful revolutionary camping.

Nevertheless, I did see one fairly large tent lying on the ground, ready to be assembled on the grass near the southwest corner of Centennial Square this afternoon, near the new water feature, and the free food table.

But there was not much other evidence of what one would call an occupation, certainly nothing like the blocks and blocks of campers we saw on videos on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv, Israel last summer.

The Machiavellian Globalist Socialist Mayor of Victoria somehow corralled the Occupy Victoria people into the relatively small downtown Centennial Square, between Douglas on the east, and Government Street on the west, and squeezed between a concrete parking building, and the old 19th century City Hall.

The ground surfacing there is mostly hard inhospitable concrete, with a lawn near Douglas, but not large enough to accomodate more than a baker’s dozen tents.

It appears that the Mayor must have struck a deal with their arch enemies of the Victoria City Hall socialist regime (the evil Globalist Corporatist Fascist ‘Liberals’), by ensuring that the Occupy Victoria people didn’t set up any kind of tents or tables on the lawns of the legislature.

Neither Christy Clark’s lame duck ‘Liberal’ government, nor the stimulus-addicted Dino socialist cabal wanted a reprieve of that  gnarly and grungy camp that lasted for weeks on the front lawn, turning it into a Glastonbury mud bath, and effectively ruining it.

Apparently, current socialist Candidate for Council Ben Isitt was one of the main firebrands of that failed rebellion.

Can anyone actually remember what that camp was all about, besides downsizing of the provincial government, or was that all there was to it?

Tall Victoria Policeman talking to Candidate Steve Filipovic… I butt it with a few remarks and queries…

Policeman said that his personal opinion, but not the official position of the Victoria Police, is that all of the Capitol Regional District should have an integrated ‘regionalized’ police force.

The last thing we need in matters of policing, of course, is a new large regional police hired by a mysterious non-accountable layer of regional government.

Sounds too much to this novice like the initial makings of the new non-accountable bio-regional governments that Alex Jones warns about on his hyperbolic radio show from Austin, all connected to each other with their ‘stupid grid’.

As I entered the Square from the Chinatown entrance, I swear I heard a young man at the microphone railing against the private for-profit so-called ‘Federal Reserve Bank,’ and echoing Congressman Doctor Ron Paul, calling for its complete auditing, and eventual eradication.

I started shouting ‘END THE FED, END THE FED, END THE FED,’ (the name of one of Dr. Paul’s bestselling books on sound money theory) but this stunned audience of sheeple didn’t seem to understand the reference, and I was met with deafening Victoria silence and confused or indifferent stares.

But then I noticed this same young man mentioned the chem trail dumps over Victoria every day, and I thought that he must be from We Are Change Victoria, or some similar group.

Again, I tried to get the crowd chanting in unison, but it didn’t work.

Nobody in that crowd of groovy activists wanted to chant ‘C… R… D… CHEM TRAIL BAN… C… R… D… CHEM TRAIL BAN… C… R… D… CHEM TRAIL BAN.’

Oh, well.

Maybe they don’t know what the CRD is?

Neither does anybody else who doesn’t work there, and even these probably don’t have more than a superficial understanding of the alienation most of us feel from the Corporatist Regionalist Dictatorship.

Saw Candidate Rose Henry at the microphone at one point, but couldn’t really hear what she was saying.

The Stop Smart Meters people had a big red banner clearly visible, and there were lots of big mediocre abstract canvases from artists looking to be discovered by somebody…

Young mothers and fathers with their newborn babies in snuggly wraps gave me hope for the uncertain future.

Saw Larry Wartel, Ben Isitt volunteer, a gifted writer with whom I  have been sharing an email correspondence, by opening the letters up to readers at this blog in the series ‘Open Letters of veteran Victoria activists’.

I told Larry that I had been talking to a young man at the Global Zeitgeist movement table.

I asked the young man if the Zeitgeist people were globalists, as they showed a photograph of the planet on their banner.

The man seemed uncomfortable with calling Zeitgeist a ‘globalist’ movement, although he did suggest that all the people of the earth should be unified somehow, and that money and debt should be abolished.

I agree that the people of the world do not owe their governments any more money, that the system is bankrupt, especially not after the foreign bankster bailouts of $5,000,000,000,000 out of about $15,000,000,000,000 added to the supposed ‘debt.’

The Peace Doctor, the Champion of Liberty, Texan Congressman Ron Paul is correct, and the free market system has to be allowed to correct itself without anymore inference from the self-serving banksters, corporations and corrupt politicians.

The Fed and similar phoney ‘national banks’ all around the world should all be audited, and then shut down.

All currencies should go back onto the time-tested gold and silver standard, to stabilize the credit system.

Banksters who dealt in derivatives, fractional reserve banking and all the other shadowing fraud techniques of the Ponzi schemers, crony traders and Mafia protection racketeers should be arrested, charged, tried fairly, sentenced and imprisoned.

No more interference by the banksters in the truly free market of the liberated people of the world!

Bring all the American troops home from the unjust, costly and futile wars.

All troops from all 900 American military bases in about 150 different countries should be brought home now!

As Roseanne Barr says, ‘The People know.’

I asked the Zeitgeist fellow if he was an anarchist, and he smiled and allowed as to how ‘that would be about right.’

‘Well,’ I said, with all the sincerity and charity I could muster, ‘you are quite deluded, and so, I guess all I can say now is God bless!’

While I chatted with Larry some distance away, the happy anarchist waved in a friendly manner at me as I told Larry all about him, and wondered if Larry knew much about them.

He explained that they were founded and mainly influenced by Joseph Roberts, who made a film of the same name, and his ‘movement,’ or cult, or whatever it is, is now growing.

I think they may have something to do with the new magazine called The Agora, a new challenge to the more complacent and naive Common Ground, which is still peddling ‘climate change’ junk science.

Anyway, Larry and I had quite a nice talk, and we both shared some stories about our families, and our infamous wilder and younger days spent in the klinker for minor infractions.

Apparently, just one day in jail for Larry was quite enough to turn him into a real pro-prisoners’ justice advocate.

He wants to release most of the world’s prisoners in a kind of global amnesty… all except the most violent offenders which he admits might need some further ‘treatment’ of some sort, and presumably, some sort of sequestration…

He calls his email address Freedom 4 All

An old family friend in a wheelchair hailed me, and we both reminisced about growing up in the Rockland district.

There were uniformed Victoria Police all over the place, but for some reason, this woman pulled out a tiny bag of bud from her purse and started waving it around, telling me that she got it from Ted Smith’s shop, that it helped relieve her pains from a heart attack and stroke.

She then stood up and gave me a demonstration of how much difficulty she had just trying to stand up straight.

I gave her a warm hug and the peace sign as I walked away, as I didn’t want to attract any more heat than that which I had already attracted earlier.

I wrote in a previous post of the Westshore R. C. M. Policewoman who had  phoned me and strangely wanted me to confirm my actual attendance at another peaceful event earlier in the day.

I don’t usually go out of my way to try to attract the attention of Victoria’s worst or any other nosey police, as I frankly don’t trust any of them anymore anywhere, after reading many reports over the years about their increasingly abusive behaviour toward innocent citizens, prisoners and suspects.




One Response to NDP Corporatist Establishment take over Occupy Victoria: a strategic disaster as aimless leaderless group is co-opted by Globalist socialist Mayor Dino, corralled into Centennial Square

  1. Diane Dillon says:

    Hello Greg, I wish I could have been there. I know Larry . We met at the 911 investigation at a church several years ago. You mentioned it was Westshore RCMP that contacted you about your being at a prayer meeting. Was the meeting in thier area? That is one of the 5 detachments under investigation for multiple reasons. I have the reports here. 4 people in the area and others filed a complaint for reason whicha re very valid. Oifficers that had complaints are Corporal Scott Braes, Constable Joanne Harrisson, Constable Braidon Thomas, and several others. Braidon Thomas perjured himself in a report as did others, i have those reports here as well. 1. Derelicton of duty. 2 obstruction of justice 3 falsifying reports, 4 collusion 5 perjury. for more information contact me or the others one being Ralph foster a key wintesses in a criminal case out there and also against RCMP he knows that they could have prevented the death of Kimberly Proctor and failed to do so he would like to inform the proctors they can sue RCMP for what he knows to be true as others do as well.Another reason is that crown cousel does not lay charges on offenders a great deal of time and for this reason those 2 boys were free to do what they did to kimberly. The fact that other offenders in the Westhsore are guilty of 10 counts under the criminal code and no charges laid agianst them due to fact they are wither related to or friends with RCMP is another reason no charges laid. I have the statments here about that. According to Peter juk who several of us met with , they only lay charges if it is in the public interest. Since when is it not in the public interest to lay charges when someone has committed an offences. the law must be real and tangable and exercised or it condones criminal actions and violates the rights of the victims and mocks the word justice. I suggesst the the general public take back its power and write Peter Juk who is head of crown cousel and state very clearly they want charges laid agianst the offenders in case and specifically the Wetshore case and the Davies Case , their brother is a Victoria Police officer and 6 police files later no charges laid for offences agianst children, seniors and disabled. Office Lawrence Hemstad. Go figure. Then of course there was the break and enter, assualt, theft and uttering verbal threats of Clinton Isaace on June 18 2011. 12 exrays after the assault and multiple injuries but crown did not lay charges. he is now in the Victoria area with his accomplice Joanne Dobie . Be careful these 2 traveling con artist will bilk those in their path.

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