Gregory Hartnell’s Pro-life pro-peace plea to all Oak Bay, Victoria Council Candidates: Don’t ape View Royal. Just say ‘no to abortionists posing as women’s clinicians’





TEL. 250 382 97 67



Gregory Hartnell, independent non-partisan candidate for Oak Bay Council,

says ‘Just say “no” to abortionists posing as women’s clinicians.’

‘I encourage all Candidates in Victoria and Oak Bay to not ape View Royal, where a new private-for-profit so-called ‘women’s clinic’ does abortions, and not vote for such places to be allowed in our municipalities,’ said Gregory Hartnell.

‘Recognizing and deploring the new banalization and commercial comodification of the already sadly legal provincially-subsidized procedure, I hope we will all reject any new unnecessary applications for zoning variances and business licenses, using effective, ethical and legal methods of discouragement to stop such divisive abortion businesses from starting up in any more of the CRD municipalities, but particularly in Oak Bay and Victoria,’ said Gregory Hartnell.

‘I should also point out that I am now being harassed daily by a certain constable named Shannon of the Westshore attachment of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and I deplore such police harassment in my native land,’ said Gregory Hartnell.

‘Our pro-life activities are all perfectly peaceful, prayerful and legal, as the police well know.

‘They know peaceful pro-life vigil keepers who pray on the other side of the street are not even standing on the sidewalk, and are not impeding anyone.

‘Instead of hassling me, wasting their time, and public resources, the police should be arresting the people in the abortuary,’ said Gregory Hartnell.

‘I will continue to exercise my right to free speech, worship and assembly as given to me by Our Creator and protected by the Canadian Charter,’ he said.

‘If the citizens of Victoria and Oak Bay want real social peace on this issue, they should unite to stand opposed to commercial abortionists profiting in our community,’ Hartnell said.




NOVEMBER 19, 2011


4 Responses to Gregory Hartnell’s Pro-life pro-peace plea to all Oak Bay, Victoria Council Candidates: Don’t ape View Royal. Just say ‘no to abortionists posing as women’s clinicians’

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  2. Anne Roberts ... (I don't want that picture to be shown please) says:

    Mr. Gregory … I had no intention of wasting your time by talking to you. You explained to me things I did not understand what was going on. I am only a Tenant here and share different beliefs about life since I was a “Menopause Mistake” that should never have happened. I was abused in every way in my childhood by the so-called “Care-Givers” in the environment I grew up in. I simply was “in the way” and they had already had their family. I have no knowledge of my nationality or background otherwise. I was also violated at the age of 3 1/2 by one of their sons. I observe people enjoying life and it is difficult for me to understand. Not everyone is – hard times, etc. Since I am no longer a working productive person due to health issues – I feel finished as far as “life” goes. I hope to help to be involved somehow in bringing the reality of “Dying With Dignity” without the stigma. I already have paid for my own arrangements so not to bother anyone since I do not have any “Next of Kin” – no biggie. Peace of mind is a wonderful thing. People should also be “allowed” to talk about death – reality – and it WILL happen to everyone. There should not be any stigma attached to expressing wishes or desires about the end of one’s life. Talking should be open about this reality. I will add that I had a Doctor that listened to what I said back in 1977 and tied my tubes at the age of 22 so that I would never get pregnant. I would not even have sex until this was done. If by some circumstances I would have got myself in that condition it would have been my choice to correct the problem a.s.a.p. and I would have gone to any extremes at the time, and I still feel the same now. Not everyone is cut out to have children – I knew that from age 6 that I NEVER would have any kids. I was never going to bring something like me into this world and the cycle was going to end – period. What about a rape situation that someone has to live with the rest of their life and the product that may come from that situation ?? I have been raped 4 times in my adult life and it very well could have happened and I would have had to deal with the emotions and the product. My choice what to do about it. Women are not baby factories although I have heard comments from people that they are having them for the benefits from being on assistance from the Government. Interesting “?”. Unless someone is prepared to want and afford a child – choices need to be left open. Let us make our own decisions about our lives since I had no choice at birth. No one asked me if I wanted to be born. I wouldn’t wish a lot of the things I went through on anyone and I sure wished the Teachers had noticed or helped me, or talked to me in school. No one did. No one ever knew – what is “Normal” when you don’t know any different. This was back in the 1950’s and ’60’s into the beginning of 1970 until I ran away after being beaten the night before. Enough was enough. I never spoke to those people again. Many things were not to be spoken of, or even believed in those days. People are even disturbed to hear of this reality. “Mommy Dearest” is the best description I have with a few extra twists. I saw that pattern continue in their other son – abuse and beatings to his mother and to me and to his wife as well. His father did the beatings on his own wife as well. It came from all directions and they walked away like nothing happened. I may not be right on your topic here but life is not it’s all cracked up to be regardless of personal beliefs. Not much point in explaining anything further … just looking forward to my end of life – hopefully with “Dignity”. Only one boring story of one person’s reality. People should be doing a little more thinking before they even get to the point of having to deal with “it”. The only thing I can truly be proud of in my life is that I stopped the cycle on my end. One less child will be abused because I made the decision to never put myself in that situation. I am so thankful to that Doctor for making my life tolerable by helping at the age of 22 – by tying my tubes. You are welcome to delete this as well … I wish someone would delete me – I’ve had enough. I’m tired of “fighting” to survive and too busted up to care much more. I can’t afford to “live” – I can only afford to “exist”. Thank You for your time otherwise.

    • goyodelarosa says:

      Dear Anne:

      Your life has been tragic but is not without meaning.

      I appreciate your candour, although, of course, I do not agree with your conclusions on the life and death issues.

      Call me if you want to talk again.

      250 382 97 67

      Peace Blessings to you.


      • Anne Roberts says:

        Dear Mr. Gregory Hartnell … Have you ever seen the movie “Johnny Got His Gun” ?? I saw this movie and it had a huge impact on my life. This movie had been somewhat shunned because they just didn’t want people to see “reality”. I can never forget the emotions I felt watching that movie and just wondering about life and if there was no one (which there isn’t) to speak for me. I want it known what my limits and wishes are with regards to (my) life. I am not writing this other than to express the many thoughts that have stayed with me all these years because of this movie. I broke down at the end when he found a way to tell people his wishes. I could tell you about the movie but if you are able to even watch it I would be interested in how it affects you. If you have seen it – how it affected you otherwise. I will never forget watching that movie and so many aspects of the thoughts that stayed with me regarding life. Just wondering … I tried to find a version on You Tube – only segments. I recorded the full movie on VHS when it came on TV since it was not available at the time otherwise. It sounds like it is now available on DVD – not sure. Hard to believe it was made in 1971 – I was 16 when I saw it. It just leads to many thoughts that we would never think about otherwise. It is a little off the spectrum here but it sure makes you think about so many things. With all due respect …

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