Steve Filipovic and David Shebib challenge false left-right paradigm for Mayor’s seat in Victoria; Shebib pulls fast one, signs up to challenge David ‘stimulus’ Cubberly vs. Frank ‘Lib’ Leonard in Saanich!

Two veteran activists of the infowars,

sometime ‘Green’ Party candidate Steve Filipovic (above, with Joseph Strauss’ bridge in the background)

and David ‘Garbage Guru’ Shebib, are challenging the false left-right paradigm, as both seek to unthrone incumbent Globalist socialist NDP Mayor Dean Fortin in Victoria.

Mr. Fortin’s right wing Establishment counterpart is Paul Brown, whose campaign manager, Bernard von Schulmann, is a Liberal, I believe, and manages the Vision Victoria political blog.

Bell’s CFAX Radio News reports that Mr. Shebib has somehow managed to take advantage of an archaic anomaly in the Local Government Act, and is also standing for the Mayor’s job in Saanich, challenging incumbent Frank Leonard, and the NDP’s great pretender, David Cubberly, recently endorsed by sold-out Globalist NDP MP Denise Savoie of Victoria.

This is how CFAX Radio News tells the bizarre story:

In Saanich a third name has surfaced in the mayorlty race…Frank Leonard is being challenged by David Cubberly and David Shebib.

Twelve are seeking eight seats on Council.

Shebib has also filed nomination papers for Mayor in Victoria, to run against Dean Fortin, Paul Brown, and Steve Filipovic.

Here is Roszan Holmen in the Victoria News:

Surprise candidate David Shebib, who lives in Saanich, joins Paul Brown and Steve Filipovic in the campaign to unseat Victoria mayor Dean Fortin.

By Kyle Slavin – Saanich News
Published: October 14, 2011 5:00 PM
Updated: October 14, 2011 5:56 PM

It’s expected to be one of the most interesting contests Saanich residents have seen in nearly two decades.

Two established politicians will campaign for your vote to be elected mayor. Incumbent Frank Leonard, who’s been in Saanich’s top job since 1996, and David Cubberley, a former longtime councillor and MLA, both filed their nomination papers.

As well, David Shebib threw his hat into the ring Friday to become mayor of Saanich. Interestingly, Shebib is also running for mayor in Victoria at the same time.

Shebib has ran unsuccessfully in nearly a dozen elections – municipal, provincial and federal – since the late 1970s.

And twelve Saanich residents – including seven incumbent councillors – will square off to earn one of the eight councillor seats up for grabs in the Nov. 19 municipal election.

“This sounds like it’ll be an interesting election (in Saanich),” said Michael Prince, a political analyst and University of Victoria’s Lansdowne professor of social policy.

“You’ve got a good, honest two-man race for mayoralty and a bit of a race for the councillors seats,” Prince said, prior to Shebib’s announcement.

A manic video on David Shebib, accompanied by Jonathan LeDrew, is found at Bernard von Schulmann’s Vision Victoria blog, in the comments below.

Dada dharma in the cosmic design, as the Creator allows the great awakening to unfold, the ‘Garbage Guru’ acts as a Mat Hatter, to defuse the pompous, and alarm the self-righteous.

False left-right paradigm exposed in the heart of the New World Order’s seemingly endless war porno every day on the front page of the lamestream media, Rob Zombie pushing chaos, mind control and tyranny.

Before the last coming, the issue is the imminent peace, and a separation of the lambs of peace from the wolves of war.

The issue is always war and peace, my friends.

Tolstoy understood it.

So did the Mahatma.

So did the Messiah, who said, ‘Blessed be the peacemakers, for theirs is the Kingdom of God.’

Dr. Ron Paul said: ‘Jesus didn’t say blessed be the war-makers, he said blessed be the peacemakers.’






Who is ‘Goyo de la Rosa’?

Who is Guido Fawkes?

Who is Dr. Ron Paul?

Who is Anon?



5 Responses to Steve Filipovic and David Shebib challenge false left-right paradigm for Mayor’s seat in Victoria; Shebib pulls fast one, signs up to challenge David ‘stimulus’ Cubberly vs. Frank ‘Lib’ Leonard in Saanich!

  1. goyodelarosa says:

    Here is Bernard von Schulmann’s take on David Shebib entering the Saanich mayoral election in 2011:

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