Gregory Hartnell gets a strange phone call from RCMP to confirm his attendance at 40 Days for Life peaceful pro-life prayer vigil

I hearby confirm that I attended this peaceful 40 Days For Life pro-life prayer vigil today, Saturday, October 15, 2011, from about 10:10 a. m. to about 12:10, just after noon.

There were three others there, two gents named Alex and a lady.

After chatting for a while and getting to know each other a little bit, we prayed five decades of the Joyous Mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

I thought that it was somewhat freaky that the two gents were both named Alex, and told the first one all about Alex Jones’, his exposing the evil Death Culture Globalist eugenicist plan for planetary depopulation, as outlined by the Club of Rome, the Council on Foreign Relations in their Agenda 21, the UNESCO depopulation documents, the Erlichs and Holdren’s Satanic Bible of eugenics ‘Eco Science’, etc.

Also told him about the good, wise and principled pro-life anti-war Presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul who has delivered more than 4,000 babies and never aborted a single one.


A police car came into the mall parking lot just as I was leaving.

I came home to find a message left on our answering machine from a R. C. M. Policewoman who wanted to confirm that I was indeed there, for some bizarre reason.

As I do not believe I am required by law to respond to such weird messages from spooks, I of course did not return the constable’s call.

You police people know full well I was there.

You also know that I broke no laws.

You should desist in invading our privacy, and stop tapping our phone, if that is what you are doing.

I am a confirmed peaceful Christian pro-life independent non-partisan Candidate for the Oak Bay Council, and if elected, I will not authorize an application for a business license for such a so-called ‘women’s clinic’ (with an abortuary hidden inside) to set up in Oak Bay.

I will also try to query all declared Candidates in both the Victoria election and the Oak Bay election, to determine if they think such abortuaries are a ‘progressive’ thing for these jurisdictions.

Any deluded candidate who will authorize the City of Victoria or the District of Oak Bay to grant a business license, development rezoning application or any other municipal enabling mechanism  to such a Globalist Death Culture gang of eugenicist abortionists will not get my vote.

Pax Christi

Gregory Hartnell


3 Responses to Gregory Hartnell gets a strange phone call from RCMP to confirm his attendance at 40 Days for Life peaceful pro-life prayer vigil

  1. Diane Dillon says:

    Hello Gregory. I would suggest you keep the copy of voicemail of RCMP . also what was the name of the officer. This has happended to me. I contacted some people about references on a person that I was getting a job for and housing. It turned out one of the references was bogus. I called the burnisde community center to see if this one was legitmate and it turned out they new the person from odd jobs that was it. Then I called the mayors office and I asked as Dean Fortins name was down as a reference. They promised to have him call me, he has yet to do that and this was 6 months ago. I found it odd that a man who was guilty of break and enter, assault and untering threats “Do You want to die” and theft with his accomplcie would ahve references from these people. This took place June 18 2011 On the North island. I received in augst a voilve male from Police officer Rachel Bourne , it was friendly asking me to call her I kept the message. It came while I was awy. I called and got a very wierd story from her and explained why I had called these 2 numbers for refernces. I get people jobs and housing. apparently the 2 references called police to see what my calls were about, I had explained very clearly and that my sister is Lieutnenant Chambers and my uncle detective James Gelose. That was that. Then I decided to send for the report and file I wondered if there was one. Well, it was packed with lies by this police officer and an RCMP officer as well Corporal Michell LeBrun , they have all been communicating and falifying reports and I have them. For whatever reason they are protecting those who are guilty of criminal offences and no charges are laid. I believe there is a report and file number as there always is if they chose to call you. I would send for it as they are very dishonest and perjure themselves readily. Michelle was transferred from Port Alice to oceanside she has a very bad reputation here and local business are very vocal about her facing consequences for letting a dangerous person loose in the community. Also letters have already been sent to the mayor of oceanside and her new boss, Watch Commander Hunter about her, there are also several formal complaints to the RCMP complaints commission C/O Rick stevens who is well versed on her and others and sent me a letter stating facts on the RCMP mishandling invesitgations etc and also that they can be charged for offences. we are now looking into that.
    there could be a very damming, libelous report about you which will then be in their computer. we have a new name for them here . Real Criminals Manipulating People that is the RCMP freedom of speech, freedom of thought and to gather.
    I went to vicotria for 8 days and met with Brian Fox their proffessional standares I will be requesting the name of Rachels lawyer this week

  2. goyodelarosa says:


  3. Diane Dillon says:

    Thanks gregory for this. I saw the photos but had no sound. I will be in the states novemnber 2 to the 16th. Is it possible to contact Ron Paul and meet with him during that time. I will be volunteering for 2 weeks there . let me know what I can do and if you need anything from there

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