Larry Wartel to Gregory Hartnell: ‘We try to build a caring community without corporatist values.’ August 26, 2011, Open Letters of veteran Victoria activists

Re: More comments on Rose’s ideas and those of Helder Camara

 Hello Gregory, Amazing depth of philosophical and historical knowledge you have about Dom Helder Camara and his meaning for Catholicism.
I didn’t know that later divisions were considered part of the globalist socialist agenda exploiting covetousness, which undermined the Catholic social justice teaching.
Very revealing.
Grateful for that!
And you’re right–Rose’s unsubstantiated “60%” claim certainly doesn’t help her credibility.
She’s made such unfounded statements over the years, as we know.
For me she’s a test to criticize the ineffective in people, while trying to see the ineffective as part of a person’s greater life-affirming intentions–as we try to build a caring community without corporatist values.
It’s tough because Rose really makes me cringe at times when she’s coming from her ego.
And those trips sure don’t seem to be benefiting the local poor.

Thank you for raising the corporatist concept at the meeting.

Do you think the following book which I heard about, written by Mexican Father Jose Porfirio Miranda is part of what you mentioned–the globalist socialist agenda using class warfare to pit rich believers against the poor?

Marx and the Bible

A good weekend Good Man,


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