Larry Wartel to Gregory Hartnell: The priests fear being called anti-Semitic by the fanatics and Zionists controlling Israel and many N. American traditional Jewish congregations.

Hello Gregory, I am also very grateful for the communication, because I respect your very learned Catholic scholarship and living commitment to the Lord. Thank you for the very interesting insights into the Church possibilities surrounding Bishop Romero. Romero was killed in 1980. His assassin had a documented CIA relationship.
The stirring and accurate drama “Romero” VHS is at Pic-A-Flic. Two books are at the library, Archbishop Romero, Martyr of Salvador and Romero – A Life.

A Catholic high school in Edmonton is named after him, and some other links:

I can certainly agree with your observation about Ralston Saul’s monarchism. I know you are also correct about him not being a philosopher. When elites like him can see some of the contemporary hypocrisies from within his element, he will get the ear of some of his associates that others may not.

I appreciate your support for Dr. Paul. It is wonderful that he is second to Bachmann in the Repub. straw polls. I am a “Yankee” dual citizen, so I am very interested in his critical role in the Republican Party. Dr. Paul works with Representative Dennis Kucinich, also a devout Roman Catholic like Dr. Paul, on ending foreign occupations and getting the Federal Reserve under control. They are a great alliance, representing the will of the majority.

Dr. Paul video at a “counter convention” before the ’08 election:

I should tell you that my wife works for VIHA and is in the union, and we get a huge glossy Big Labor magazine from the Operating Engineers Union or some such thing, full of glowing endorsements for huge stimulus projects pushed by the Democrats.

Very interesting! I appreciate your good sense of indignation on that one! Does the magazine actually come from the US even though your wife is a Canadian member?

Also very revealing observations about the preferential option being expressed long before Vatican II in Sermon on the Mount and Psalms. Now that you mention it, I remember that from my readings.

Frankly, it has not escaped my attention that what we call the ‘Old Testament’ is full of the contradictions which you describe, and I really resent having to somehow reconcile these old stories with the life-affirming New Testament message of love of God and one’s neighbour.

People who recognize this as you do keep faith relevant, even if not understood by
the majority yet. And you’re proving one doesn’t have to be ordained (maybe you are) to be as meaningful to God as those who are. Gregory, do you participate with any RC congregation? Of course I respect independent faith, seeing as I completely disdain our own arrogance of being “Chosen People”. My friend Wilissa goes to St. Andrews and Tanya goes to Holy Cross. I forget their last names but can dig them out if you go to either.

Most Catholic priests struggle mightily trying to explain these old Judaic stories in their homilies or sermons and showing how they might lead us to Christ the Messiah.

Maybe a bit of guilty overcompensation for very possibly accurately pointing the finger at us Yids (yiddish folk) for Jesus’ execution. (We’re hiding our own role on 9/11, so why not evade that one too?)

Or also most priests feel they have to make a pretense of honour to Jews lest they offend the Howie Siegel power brokers amongst us.

Do you know about Howie?
Ardent Zionist, owner of Pagliacci’s and formerly Roxy.
I heard he gave 1 million $ to save Chek TV, though unconfirmed.
And the priests fear being called anti-Semitic by the fanatics and Zionists controlling Israel and many N. American traditional Jewish congregations.
You’re right – not a member of the Synagogue, though I get along with the local Rabbis. It’s some of their followers who are more testy.

I know what you mean about Elizabeth and the Greens.

A humorous look at climate change alarmism: (if the comic strip doesn’t come through, look at this link: )

Cartoon by Joel Pett -

The very best to you and your wife,


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