Larry Wartel to Gregory Hartnell: ‘It is shameful that Fortin plays footsie with the Chinese just to get cheap steel here, that we could make in Canada, for a bridge replacement we don’t need.’

Wow, that is a very witty response to the other title, Gregory. Truly, I’m still laughing at that one. Oh, that’s great! I do see what you’re saying. Very interesting what you said about the “concordats” and their effect:

The same can said for the fascist concordats that the Popes made with Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Salazar, etc.
These concordats fueled resentment among the Catholic conservatives, liberals, socialists and communists in Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal.
If the Church becomes too corporatist, whether it be socialistic or fascistic corporatism, it loses that time-tested counter-cultural advantage that has allowed it to grow over 2,000 years.

The little that I saw in the “Marx and the Bible” book – I had it from the library at one time, but didn’t finish it – it is very different than anything from the Hitlerian/fascist camp. It powerfully affirmed the Catholic biblical tenets. Fr. Miranda definitely has the same deep and unswerving Christian values that Dom Camara, Pope John Paul I and say even Archbishop Romero of El Salvador had before assassination. They were all firm believers in the biblically-derived preferential option for the poor, as expressed in the Vatican II statement. What do you think of that initiative?

You thoughtfully reveal that:

‘Liberation Theology’ was a globalist socialist covert infiltration of the Catholic clergy by ideologues who were basically anti-fascist (or, if you will, anti-American), and so the unity of the Church suffers in such periods of our history.
Many Latin American Catholic people, including priests, brothers and nuns influenced by liberation theology, and other fascist ones maintaining the decadent status quo, were killed in those wars, and continue to be killed in them.
How would the outcome of Dom Romero’s life be placed in the context you describe above–did he intentionally exacerbate or fall victim to such infiltration and disunity?

About that NDP-Green statement, I’m not so much a “party man,” as someone who supports anybody who can think independently outside of parties, who will not conform to what the party brass dictate, but act on their own. Elizabeth May in Saanich I supported because she is anti-corporatist and admires the values of John Ralston Saul who wrote the book about corporatism, The Unconscious Civilization – From Corporatism to Democracy, and The Collapse of Globalism and the Reinvention of the World

It’s just that the Liberal and Conservative parties take millions of dollars from the corporations and clearly proceed to do their bidding, while the NDP and Greens do not. Of course unions can act like corporations too, but when they follow the values of social justice unionism, they can do good things for non-union workers and the community. So we have that possible social justice unionism influence in the NDP that needs to be supported, while resisting the corporatist NDP influences.

As you incisively mention, It is shameful that Fortin plays footsie with the Chinese just to get cheap steel here, that we could make in Canada, for a bridge replacement we don’t need. Disgusting. Yup, globalism, profit-driven globalism for the MMM Engineering firm that lobbied City Hall to build the replacement. All for profits.

As for the last Pope, who apparently co-operated with the CIA in helping bring down the Soviet system, I have to ask rhetorically, what good did that do the Polish people if the Gdansk Solidarity movement got co-opted by Gringo spooks working for the New World Order?

So true, Gregory!

I know right from the inception of Judaism, Torah and Talmud were and are expressions of rationale for exploitation and oppression right within Judaism, as much as they were tracts to express flight away from suffering resulting from an even more powerful exploiter – the slave master Pharoah. Judaism itself arose 5000+ years ago to rationalise new forces of greed and accumulation among feudal Hebrew clans, with all the inherent symptoms that accompany that. So the exploitation that feudalism is based on in that part of the world yields not so much a “moral code” called Torah, but simply a tract by the privileged men Hebrew feudalism created, to justify their oppression. “Moses invests, Jesus Saves” (money or souls, of course we can ask), says the the somewhat tongue in cheek anti-semitic bumper sticker, but with a great deal of truth to it. Torah justified business, which means making a transaction for profit, and profit means someone wins–and someone loses. It’s rife throughout the books.

But within Torah also exists an intent – if consciously interpreted that way–to love thy neighbour, do goodwill unto all women and men, don’t murder, don’t steal, don’t steal neighbour’s wife–and then the last one simply returns us to the fundamental contradiction:

You shall not covet your neighbour’s house; you shall not covet your neighbour’s wife, or male or female slave, or ox, or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbour.

…begging the question, Are we coveting from deprivation? Or for accumulation? Covet the Slave? What social condition gave rise to such oppression and desire? It wasn’t always there in humanity, so what was producing it at that historical moment? Feudalism and its exploitation imperative, making haves and have nots, 5000 years ago among Semitic people.



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