Gregory Hartnell visited Shellie Gudgeon’s campaign office Thursday, Oct. 13, finding only one uninformed volunteer, no pamphlets

Yesterday, while driving home along Quadra Street, I noticed a new campaign office on the southwest corner of that street and Fort,  so I  went around the Pioneer Square block, left the car unparked as is my usual practice, and walked over to find out what was happening in my neighbourhood.

I found that the former futon shop is now occupied by the campaign office of Shellie Gudgeon, a neophyte ‘independent’ Candidate for the Victoria City Council.

Mrs. Gudgeon was not in the campaign office, which was staffed by a single volunteer, a friendly woman from Ontario who emphasized twice that the new candidate is ‘a progressive businesswoman.’

As I am not familiar with Mrs. Gudgeon’s politics at all, and am always interested to know what people mean when they use such labels as ‘progressive’, I asked the volunteer lady what she meant by calling Shellie Gudgeon ‘progressive’.

She mentioned that some years ago, Shellie Gudgeon and her family moved into the Hillside and Quadra neighbourhood, which she called ‘somewhat run down’ and that through their hard work helped to improve the neighbourhood by building the Fifth Street Bar and Grill on Hillside.

She also mentioned other of Shellie Gudgeon’s neighbourhood advocacy efforts which she suggested helped that neighbourhood, but was not specific.

When I hear the word ‘progressive’ being advanced by an uninformed volunteer for a political aspirant who is a publican, I immediately become more attentive.

So I asked the lady what her candidate’s position on taxes was.

‘Taxes?’ she said.

‘Yes, taxes.

“What is Shellie Gudgeon’s position on taxes?’

Shockingly, she didn’t know.

Neither did she know what Shellie Gudgeon’s position on ‘harm reduction’ was.

I was frankly shocked by such ignorance, and asked her if Shellie Gudgeon had a pamphlet ready?

No, she didn’t, but the volunteer did point to a full colour book mark with the Candidate’s website address printed on it:

“If you want to find out more about Shellie, you could go to her website to find out more information about her,’ she suggested.

I suggested to her that it was rather her that should first go to Shellie Gudgeon’s website to become better informed about the policy positions of the ‘independent’ Candidate which she purports to support.




3 Responses to Gregory Hartnell visited Shellie Gudgeon’s campaign office Thursday, Oct. 13, finding only one uninformed volunteer, no pamphlets

  1. Hello Gregory,

    I am sorry to hear that you dropped by my office Thursday during one of brief periods I wasn’t there, but since you have run in a few elections, I know you are aware that there is much to do when you decide to put your name forward. That being said, the official opening for my campaign office is today and I will be here until 6 p.m. if you would like try again

    We have kept the doors open since acquiring this space so that people can drop in because it is my sincere wish to create an inclusive dialogue about issues important to all VIctoria residents. This is also the very reason I picked a downtown location for my office.

    As to your request for information on my position(s), I asked my volunteers to refer interested people to the website, which contains comprehensive information concerning my views on matters including economic development, transportation, the role of government, homelessness, taxes –including my thoughts on the four pillars approach –and more, until the printed materials were ready. Ironically, it appears that I was at the printers when you dropped by.

    In closing, I describe myself as a progressive business owner because I have been fortunate enough to be in a position to contribute both time and funds to create effective change. I won’t go into excessive detail here, but as you have mentioned this in your remarks above, please allow me to clarify a few things. I believe that strong neighbourhoods create a strong city. To that end, I have worked to improve the Quadra Hilliside Area (which is not where I live, but in fact where one of my businesses is located) by working with other business owners and residents to retivitalize the area through the creation of the Quadra Village. My second business is downtown, and I have worked with local community there to create positive change there also, as I have in my home neighbourhood of Victoria West. Lastly, I am not involved with a new liquor store.

    I thank you for posting my response, and please drop by again.

    Shellie Gudgeon

    • goyodelarosa says:

      Thanks for writing, Shellie.

      I appreciate the clarification on the matter of the liquor store.

      I believe I had you confused with another business owner in the Quadra Village.

      I will edit out the mistake now.

      I will look forward to talking to you personally about my concerns about the so-called ‘four pillars’.

      Gregory Hartnell

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