‘Gregory Hartnell to Larry Wartel: I also appreciate that you acknowledge that ‘of course unions can act like corporations too… Open letters of veteran Victoria activists

Hi Larry:
I must say that I am enjoying this unusual correspondence, and hope that I do not bore you with my particular fanaticisms.
With respect to Romero, I am not that familiar with his life story, or how his killing affected the Polish Pope, whether the latter’s condemnation of ‘liberation theology’ came before or after that savagery, but I suspect that Romero must have been sailing quite close to that theology, because otherwise the fascists would not have bothered with him.
No good priest wants to aggravate disunity in the Church, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt (and not agree that he ‘intentionally exacerbated’ infiltration and consequent disunity by the liberation theologists), and suggest that perhaps his emphasizing the ‘preferential option for the poor’ was interpreted by his fascist enemies as an endorsement of class warfare, and so he became an unwitting victim of the hate between the two groups.
There are photos of the old Pope going to his grave, kneeling and praying for his soul, treating him like a martyr, so that is telling.
In any event, the preferential option for the poor is not a new idea of ‘Vatican II, but is right there in the Psalms and the Sermon on the Mount, one of the most radical episodes in the Gospels, and I affirm it as all Catholics should.
I know that Patrick Jamieson, a socialist ‘prophetic Catholic’ who edits and publishes Island Catholic News, thinks the world of Romero.
Pat supports Savoie, and has served the federal NDP in various capacities in the past, so that tells me why he links Romero with De Roo, the retired socialist bishop of Victoria, and Ruiz of Chiapas.
So, Romero may not have been a real socialist, but he was certainly thought to be one by the Salvadoran fascists, and therein lay real danger, not only to himself, but to the Church in the future.
As for John Ralston Saul, I could never take him seriously as a philosopher, allowing myself to be prejudiced against his parasitism in the monarchical system in Canada.
Whether Elizabeth May admires him or not is of no ultimate consequence, because her ideas are literal dead ends, what with her fanaticism on the ‘warming’ nonsense, which is just one part of the hellish eugenicist population control plan of the Gaia-worshipers.
I see May as a one woman show. Certainly, she made her own election to the Commons the main point of the whole Green strategy in the last election.
She got her little seat on the backbenches, but the party suffered major losses everywhere else.
I blame it on her bashing her audiences with plugs for her junk science book.
Supporting independents or mavericks within mainstream parties as you do is a good habit, and I do the same in my support for Dr. Ron Paul for President, even though, of course, I am not an American citizen.
I also appreciate that you acknowledge that ‘of course unions can act like corporations too.’
I should tell you that my wife works for VIHA and is in the union, and we get a huge glossy Big Labor magazine from the Operating Engineers Union or some such thing, full of glowing endorsements for huge stimulus projects pushed by the Democrats.
What all that has to do with care aide workers in Victoria, tending to the elderly in old folks homes, I will never know.
Finally, I suspect that you don’t go to Synagogue anymore, what with your comments on the history of Judaism.
If you still go, I imagine that it must be a constant inner struggle for you.
Frankly, it has not escaped my attention that what we call the ‘Old Testament’ is full of the contradictions which you describe, and I really resent having to somehow reconcile these old stories with the life-affirming New Testament message of love of God and one’s neighbour.
Often the Old Testament readings at Catholic Masses are much longer than the Epistle and Gospel readings combined, and I do not think that makes any sense at all.
Most Catholic priests struggle mightily trying to explain these old Judaic stories in their homilies or sermons and showing how they might lead us to Christ the Messiah.
Most of them, not surprisingly, are not very good at it.

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