Gregory Hartnell: No more ‘harm reduction’ cop-outs: ‘I will certainly not vote to endorse any so-called ‘harm reduction’ programmes in Oak Bay as long as the current Globalist New World Order’s Criminal Code of Canada’s prohibition law is in place’

No more ‘harm reduction’ cop-outs

I do not believe in the so-called ‘war on drugs’, nor the so-called ‘war on terror’, which are effectively the same thing.

I lost one dear brother, Jerome Henry Hartnell, at the age of 18, to an overdose of morphine and alcohol, and ever since that happened, I have not believed the official rationale for the interdiction of some drugs and not others.

However, I am very skeptical of attempts by anti-drug prohibitionists to promote a type of creepy Globalist incrementalism in the delivery of experimental so-called ‘harm reduction’ programmes of dubious merit, particularly when those programmes interfere with the ability of the police to enforce existing laws designed to discourage the possession and trafficking of certain prescribed drugs.

As long as there is a disconnect between the spirit and actual words of the Criminal Code of Canada and the application of the extraordinary discretionary power of the local, provincial or federal police forces to enforce the laws, we have a huge problem area of corruption, or a perception of corruption, among the police right across the country.

Pending the drug laws changing in Canada as a result of a continental trend toward decriminalization, and legalization in the event of a Ron Paul Presidential victory south of the border, I believe that it is actually counterproductive to encourage half-measures like ‘harm reduction.’

If and when the laws change, I may very well change my mind about these matters radically, but in the meantime, civilized social order maintained through reasonable police discretion is more important than higher police arrest quotas of a failed hysterical Conservative Party of Canada punitive policy which panders to ignorance and perpetuates criminal activity forever.

I don’t think a person should be arrested for smoking tobacco or marijuana in a public park (in fact, I would defend those liberties, particularly in cases of patients with Canada Health licences for the ‘mota’, ‘mari’, ‘ganja’, ‘pot’ or ‘weed’), but I do think people should be arrested, charged and have currently illegal heroin or cocaine confiscated if they try to inject in a public place.

Similarly, if a person wants to have a beer or some wine with his or her lunch or dinner in a public park, or on a sidewalk bench, I would not want to see them arrested for such an innocent pleasure, but if they were already intoxicated, obnoxious and unruly, I would expect the existing laws against public drunkenness to be enforced.

Therefor, I will certainly not vote to endorse any so-called ‘harm reduction’ programmes in Oak Bay as long as the current Globalist New World Order’s Criminal Code of Canada’s prohibition law is in place, as I truly believe that they are counter-productive to the still suffering addicts’ best interest, which is recovery from active addiction, and a cessation of a life of petty crime, collusion, harrassment, theft and bribery by some of the more corrupted of the police and their accomplices.

Their best hope for a life of real recovery from active addiction is to follow free 12 step programmes that counsel complete daily abstinence, and not with so-called ‘crack kits,’ ‘safe consumption or injection sites,’ ‘needle exchanges’ or ‘wet houses’.

In some hard cases, deeper holistic integration treatment is medically and psychiatrically recommended by disinterested experts (fellow recovering addicts) and a new spiritual life of prayer and medication is also encouraged.

In those hard cases, the best programmes are also all based on complete abstinence and not on government-subsidized Methodone or opiate maintenance programmes paid for and administered by unwitting well-intentioned but ill-informed enablers, so-called ‘harm reduction’ programmes which just replace one addiction with another.




NOVEMBER 19 2011


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