13 Problems with ‘stupid meters’, + article that summarizes the ‘stupid meter’/Occupy Wall Street issue

1) In case you need a quick summary of all the problems with Smart meters, attached is a list of 13.
2) A great article that summarizes the smart meter/Occupy Wall Street issue.
And reminds us that we will need to keep working on this until the next election to make sure the public does not let the Liberal party’s prediction work – that we have short memories.
They’re depending on it! http://chameleonfire1.wordpress.com/ 
 Thirteen Fatal Flaws of Smart Meter Technology by Pumpkin Pie – Half Moon Bay Review – September 30, 2011:
– http://talkaboutwidget.hmbreview.com/topic.php?t=7456&c=7&d=


by Pumpkin Pie    September 30, 2011

1) WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies RF-EMF as a 2B (Possible) Carcinogen (May 31, 2011 in Lyon, France)This is the same kind of RF-EMF as smart meters produce and at equivalent levels to those on which the IARC finding was made.

2) Excessive Billing (monthly electric bills doubling or tripling every month, with no increase in energy usage)

3) Excessive Cost to Ratepayers to install additional power transmitters and home LAN (wireless devices) at later date

4) No Evidence of Energy Savings for Ratepayers (not a green, energy-saving program as promoted)

5) Incompatibility with Solar [in California] (at present, wireless smart meters = no solar = an energy conservation disincentive)

6) Threat to Privacy of Personal and Financial Information (utilities have no experience and no competence to protect wireless information)

7) Threat to the National Electric Grid (from hacking and terrorism (well-documented by the Department of Homeland Security, the National Security Agency, and the CNN program CyberAttack (2010) on risks from electronic hacking of electric, banking and transportation systems at national level.

[Florida, USA] Threat Level – FBI Arrests Man Who Allegedly Hacked Celebrities to Steal Nude Photos by Ryan Singel – WIRED – October 12, 2011: – http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/

[USA] Virtual war a real threat by Ken Dilanian – Los Angeles Times – March 28, 2011: – http://articles.latimes.com/2011/mar/28/nation/la-na-cyber-war-20110328

[UK] Terrorists ‘could hijack new meters to cause blackouts’ – Daily Mail UK Online – February 28, 2010: – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1254305/Terrorists-hijack-new-meters-cause-blackouts.html

8) Threat to Personal Safety (wireless systems including security systems, wireless locks, baby monitors are hackable and may be disabled: and home use patterns, including your vacation schedule, may be visualized by wireless hacking from the street).

9) Violation of FCC Public Safety Standards

Sage Report Smart Meter RF – January 01, 2011: – http://sagereports.com/smart-meter-rf/

10) Health Effects of Low-Intensity Radiofrequency and “Dirty Electricity” Effects on Health and Well-being (on healthy populations and on those with chronic diseases, those being treated for cancer or neurological diseases, those with sleep disorders, and on the developing fetus and on children whose central nervous systems continue to develop into their late teens).

11) Threat to People with Medical Implants (The Department of Justice Americans With Disabilities Act is taking testimony now).

12) Threat to Use of Electronic and Wireless Devices (already in use in homes and businesses – think wireless security systems).

13) Threat to Electrical Wiring Safeguards (arc-fault interrupters, ground-fault interrupters that are mandated under the NEC) and fires and explosions following installation of wireless smart meters.

[Houston, Texas, USA] Local 2 Investigates Smart Meter Fires by Amy Davis – KPRC Houston – Click 2 Houston – June 06, 2011: – http://www.click2houston.com/news/28147128/detail.html

[Arlington, Texas, USA] Fires spark during smart meter installations by Chris Hawes – WFAA-TV – August 19, 2010: – http://www.wfaa.com/news/Fires-Spark-During-Smart-Meter-Installations-101115429.html
“PG&E has determined that certain models of Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) breakers (such as those used in hot tubes) may be impacted if they are in close proximity of the meter” (Structure Consulting Group Overview, p 32).

GFIs are a safety feature in residential and commercial electrical systems that are intended to protect people from electric shock and possible electrocution.

The GFIs also disconnect electrical circuits when they are overloaded to prevent fires and other property damage.

Although PG&E has asked the Smart Meter manufacturers to develop low power transmitter solutions to the GFI interference issue, and has trained the installation contractors to listen for GFI tripping upon installation of a new meter, this does not protect people where the current generation of Smart Meters that have been or will be installed (David L. Wilner, 2010)







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