Gregory Hartnell to Larry Wartel: ‘Anyway, my friend…I will continue to tell the truth as I understand it…Shalom’

Hello, Larry:
It is not a matter of how I feel about Rose.
Personally, I have no animus toward her.
 I try to be careful not to malign her person, but her racist and sexist entitlement ideas are insidious, repulsive and I feel compelled to attack those nasty ideas.
Archbishop Helder Camara was a courageous Brazilian prelate who was labeled ‘the Red Bishop’ by his fascist enemies in that country, simply because, unlike most of the other sold-out bishops, archbishops and cardinals, he actually emphasized the radical nature of Catholic social justice teaching.
I am familiar with his name, and did not check the Wikipedia link you provide, although I appreciate your interest in our Church’s clerical make-up.
Like the few really good ones, he stood in solidarity with the poorest of the poor, and the corporatist prelates were embarrassed by that posture, which they automatically assumed was a result of ‘liberation theology.’
The Polish Pope condemned that latter theology after it started to pit rich believers against the poor (and vice versa), linking it to the class warfare analysis of the globalist socialists, thus not Christian in essence, but based on resentment, or as the old Mosaic law puts it in one of the Commandments, covetousness.
But, as far as I know, Helder Camara was no socialist.
Thanks for your candour on Rose having ‘irritated’ you ‘too on numerous occasions.’
I could see by Steve Filipovic’s questioning her 60% claim she made with respect to Australian politics, that you are not the only one who is irritated by her loose, unsubstantiated claims.
When I looked at Startpage with these keywords ‘Australia government  60% Aboriginal’ the only things that came up were stats showing that is percentage of those people who are unemployed in that country.
So, perhaps that’s where she got that 60% figure.
There is no way that the 97.5% majority non-Aboriginal Australian population would allow themselves to be dictated to by a small minority of overwhelmingly unemployed Aboriginals, comprising only 2.5% of the total population.
Quite apart from the intrinsic mischief in her entitlement ideas, her reliance on such outrageous claims as the Australian model she cites discredits her whole posture, thus backfiring on her.
Anyway, I find it difficult to understand how the poverty of the homeless here in Victoria is advanced by these useless junkets that she takes to places such as Australia.
Didn’t she just take a similar trip to Europe?
Anyway, my friend, thanks for keeping me on the invite list to these meetings…
I will continue to try to tell the truth as I understand it…

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