PEACEFUL 40 DAYS FOR LIFE PRAYERS; Neighbours oppose 6 storey height, scale of Garry Oaks Village development application @ Oak Bay Hall; 37 year old mother Michelle Kirby promises ‘positive new energy’ to Council; Kevin Murdoch supports 3 incumbent Councillors, lower taxes, opposes CRD sewage plan

The tempestuous day’s weather, with pelting rain all day long, followed by an enchanting golden light and a calm evening now, is reflective of the revolutionary times that we are all experiencing.

Frankly, I feel revolution in the air, it is in the Zeitgeist, like nothing I have experienced since the sixties, which, despite all my mischief, I can remember quite well…

It started with the prayers of the PEACEFUL VIGIL: FORTY DAYS FOR LIFE… the ongoing pro-life vigil is the biggest such co-ordinated international pro-life action ever…

Then came an article on the newest controversial development application to Oak Bay District Council, a proposal by Baptist Housing to replace Oak Bay Lodge with a new 6 storey  complex of buildings, which apparently was not warmly received by many neighbours.

I commented on this issue immediately, drawing attention to my proposed 4 storey height limit, part of my 10 point recovery and restoration plan for Oak Bay.

Next came the realization that Michelle Kirby, a 37 year old mother, and former candidate in Oak Bay for Council, is now officially declared a candidate for Oak Bay Council.

She promises to bring ‘positive new energy’ to Oak Bay Council.

Kevin Murdoch, grandson of a former reeve of Oak Bay, was interviewed on CFAX, where he said he was not endorsing either mayoral candidate, neither Councillor Hazel  Braithewaite, nor Councillor Nils Jensen, diplomatically saying he would be honoured to work with either of them.

He noted that there are three other vacant seats available on Council, and so he emphasized the importance of facilitating the continuity of government programmes by prudently endorsing all three incumbent Oak Bay Councillors, Pam Copley, John Herbert and Tara Ney.

Mr. Murdoch seemed well-versed on the issues, emphasizing challenges in infrastructure maintenance costs that will make it difficult to keep taxes down, and opposing the CRD’s liquid waste management plan, which he dismissed as baffling and ridiculous.

Just heard a repeat of the CFAX Radio News report annoucing my candidacy as an independent candidate, for Oak Bay Council.

Sheila Gardner, the CFAX news announcer, identified me as an ‘Oak Bay artist historian’, but of course, I am the self-described Rockland Outsider, and after carefully and critically analyzing the Victoria democratic drama, I will vote in the Victoria election only.

This morning, on CBC Victoria, I believe, I heard Victoria Councillor Marianne Alto pumping the City of Victoria’s supposedly new ‘open’ communications system, making Councillors, staff, service easier through a new improved ‘open’ website design, yada yada…

All this is meant to co-opt Paul Brown’s Open Victoria slate with its emphasis on opening up the Establishment Corporation’s controlling bureaucracy and the servile Victoria City Council to real public access and accountability.

Later I heard Victoria Mayor Dean Fortin blowing his own horn about supposedly successfully subsidizing public housing for some homeless, and brazenly announcing that if there are still homeless out there that still need such public housing, the City of Victoria can help them, too.

Frankly, it all sounded too good to be true.

Later, we had Councillor Chris Coleman fretting, as he so often does, about the ratio between the commercial property tax rate and residential property tax rate.

To top it all off, here was Ross Crockford, not representing Open Victoria as one would have suspected, as he is apparently a communications director or something for them, here he was wearing his old hat.

Mr. Crockford has an almost obsessive attention to detail on the strange saga of the determination of the stimulus-addicted socialist Keynsian ‘Dino’ group at City Hall in their grim determination to destroy our Joseph Strauss heritage bascule bridge.

I am grateful to Ross Crockford, Yule Heibel and Mr. Wright who are the core activists in for keeping the issue of saving the Johnson Street Bridge in the election campaign as a hot issue.

I will try to charitably and critically analyse the political campaigns of my fellow candidates for the Oak Bay District Council election in the coming days, and as is my usual practice, will eventually endorse some of them and reject others.

I am very grateful that CFAX emphasized that, should I be elected to serve Oak Bay, I will not vote for a salary increase for myself, and that I intend to donate all of my salary to Victoria Hospice, for the three year term.




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