Larry Wartel to Gregory Hartnell, Open letters of veteran Victoria activists, Aug. 18, re: Johnson Street Bridge scandal: ‘…so revealing that the JSB steel will probably come from that Chinese city. What scams, eh?’

To: Gregory Hartnell <>
Sent: Thursday, August 18, 2011 11:43:41 AM
Subject: Re: request for info on wednesday’s meeting

Hello Brother Gregory,

The Nobles were not there, but were invited.

Thanks so much for the heads up about a “smart meter” opt-out bylaw supported by Phillipe.
As you probably know, Hydro could probably be content with that, since so few people will actually take the opt-out, as opposed to a municipal ban.
But clearly there’s not enough awareness, hence political pressure for a ban.
That would be great if MacIsaac would pursue a suit, but I know this is difficult.
There’s also a retired lawyer who prevented a cell tower installation by mobilizing his Beacon Hill Park condo complex.
Heather Quinn has his name.

That’s so revealing that the JSB steel will probably come from that Chinese city. What scams, eh?

I really appreciate your analysis about the local state of affairs and the criticisms of the various potential candidates, including what you said here:

…that is a completely materialistic way of managing our social problems, and not giving them the proper priority status that all the candidates in the last election promised to do.

You nailed it. Have you seen
Brilliant animation description of our dysfunctional and wasteful economy.

Are you familiar with the “30 Day Pope,” Albino Luciani?

The book about his suspicious death is “In God’s Name”:

Thanks for the “Shalom”… same back at you,


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