Bernard von Schulmann’s list of 2011 Election Candidates for Esquimalt, Oak Bay, Saanich, Victoria, as of Oct. 12

CRD Core 2011 Municipal Election Candidates

I will be adding information about who is running in the November elections as I come across them



  • Susan Brice – incumbent
  • Judy Brownoff – incumbent
  • Vic Derman – incumbent
  • Paul Gerrard – incumbent
  • Dean Murdock – incumbent
  • Vicki Sanders – incumbent
  • Nicola Wade
  • Leif Wergeland – incumbent
  • Rob Wickson 

Saanich All Candidates Meetings


  • Barb Desjardins – Mayor – incumbent
  • Meagan Brame – council – incumbent
  • Lynda Hundleby – council – incumbent
  • David Hodgins – council
  • Bob McKie – council – ran in 2008 came 7th
  • Tim Morrison – council – writes the Esquimalt Review
  • Josh Steffler – council

Current councilors Don Linge, Bruce McIldoon, and Ali Gaul will not run for re-election.   Randall Garrison has resigned as he has been elected MP.    Bruce McIildoon has not said if he will run again.

Oak Bay

  • Hazel Braithwaite – mayor – incumbent councilor
  • Nils Jensen – mayor – incumbent councilor
  • Corey Burger
  • Cairine Green (she has been a councilor in North Saanich)
  • Gregory Hartnell (Rockland resident and many time candidate in Victoria)
  • John Herbert – incumbent
  • Kevin Murdoch
  • Tara Ney – incumbent

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