Michelle Kirby, 37 year old mother, says she can bring ‘positive new energy’ to Oak Bay Council

Michelle Kirby

 MONDAY, OCTOBER 10TH, 2011…4:24 PM

Michelle Kirby joins the race for Oak Bay Council

Jump to Comments It’s official! I have filed my nomination papers to be a candidate for Oak Bay Council.

My main reasons for running are the need to work closer together with the community as we face the challenges of rebuilding our aging infrastructure and improving active transportation choices in Oak Bay.

We have some major infrastructure challenges in Oak Bay and the region. We will need to plan ahead, reach out to the community for their input, and advocate for our fair share of funding from other levels of government and the grants that are out there.

I believe that I can bring positive new energy to Council. I’ve got a history of successfully improving the community, including bike rack installations; work on the Neighborhood Learning Centre at the new high school; and organizing community events, on my block, and in Oak Bay.

If we work hard and are strategic, we can make improvements to Oak Bay sustainable, while ensuring it remains affordable for those of us lucky enough to live in such a beautiful community.

More nomination papers filed for upcoming municipal election, for Oak Bay council

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October 10, 2011michellekirby

Another Greater Victoria resident has declared their intention on running in the upcoming municipal election.

Michelle Kirby is bidding for a seat on Oak Bay Council.

The 37 year old mother says she can bring “positive new energy to Council”

Kirby says her priorities include addressing infrastructure challenges in Oak Bay, and working to ensure the municipality is sustainable and affordable.

-Andrea Boyes

(image courtesy of Michelle Kirby)


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