Alex Berns on 40 Days for Life: ‘Most evident realization was from passersby, “really, there is an abortion clinic in there?” my first response is always “no, there is an abortion facility in the clinic”.

Today’s facts: today saw already 10 days completed in our vigil.
We are already a quarter way through our vigil presence. What
has happened so far. 235 hours of prayer at the vigil site. Bravo,
the affects are already bearing fruit. I suppose the most evident
realization was from passerby’s, “really, there is an abortion clinic
in there ” my first response is always  ” no, there is an abortion
facility in the clinic”. All the responses were the same, “I didn’t know
that “.
 Health clinics are a good thing, let us always be grateful to
the medical professionals for the care and compassion they provide
on a daily basis. But an abortion facility within a Health Clinic ??!!
   In a city where Doctors are at a premium and many need to go
to a clinic for Healthcare for lack of a personal Doctor, to me
this seems bizarre.
However, there are many that have gone through those doors, we
make no judgment on anyone or their reasons. But let the truth be known.
I heard a priest say this in a conference set on discipleship. Right is always
right even if no one is doing it, and Wrong is always wrong even if everyone
is doing it !     Even at hospitals or health clinics.

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