NWO Globalist ‘Canadian’ General Walter Natynczyk tries desperately to defend his profligate Challenger jet flights, corrupt fellow jet-setter ‘Conservative’ Defence Minister Peter McKay

Challenger Jets: Walt Natynczyk Calls Media Reports Of Costs ‘Misguided’

OTTAWA – The country’s top military commander has lobbed a salvo at the media, calling its coverage of the cost of Challenger jet flights sensational and exaggerated.

Gen. Walt Natynczyk expressed his frustration in an internal letter sent to members of the Canadian Forces this week.

Both the general and Defence Minister Peter MacKay have been under public fire for their use of the VIP jets, which cost taxpayers thousands of dollars an hour to operate.

“Much of this coverage has featured exaggerated costs and sensational speculation that have significantly clouded the facts as I see them,” Natynczyk wrote in the letter, released late Friday.

While he said he’s prepared for public scrutiny of his expenses, the general said he was dismayed to find MacKay under assault and called the criticism unjustified.

MacKay has logged over $2.9 million worth of flights aboard the jets since 2008, according to access-to-information records compiled by CTV News. A separate report showed Natynczyk’s flights cost about $1 million over the same period and included one trip to the Caribbean to join his family on vacation.


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