Gregory Hartnell to Steve Weatherbe of 40 Days for Life Victoria: ‘I pray for pro-life voters in Oak Bay + other CRD municipalities to support pro-life candidates’

 Thanks very much for having the courage to publicize this very important 40 DAYS FOR LIFE VICTORIA pro-life vigil, Steve.

Your example has inspired me to post info about it here:

I also signed up to do the silent vigil of prayer and meditation at the abortuary on October 15, 2011 at 10:00 a.m.

There are other protest activities scheduled around the world that day, but I want to start my day off right with pro-life non-violent vigil-keeping.

Hope to see you and others there that day!

By the way, I am standing for one of the vacant Council seats in the District of Oak Bay in this coming election, and am identifying myself as an independent non-partisan anti-war pro-life fiscal-social conservative inspired by Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul, my current hero who just won the Values Voters’ Straw Poll in Washington D. C with 37%, with Rick Santorum a distant third, and Newt Gingrich near the bottom of the list.

I pray for pro-life voters in Oak Bay and other CRD municipalities to support pro-life candidates wherever they can be found in this November 19 election, if it be the will of the Almighty Creator.

Democracy in Oak Bay is free and easy: only two nomination signatures of resident electors of Oak Bay and no deposit is required to file papers, as opposed to uptight Victoria, where they require 25 nominators’ signatures of resident Victoria electors, and a $100.00 deposit!

Eligible Candidates for Oak Bay Council do not have to even reside in the District of Oak Bay!

Similar elasticity of  municipal electoral rules in the Local Government Act ensure that bureaucratic expansionistic efforts by non-accountable CRD political appointees to force amalgamation are effectively frustrated, I believe.

Instead of crying about the supposed anachronistic aspect of all this, pro-lifers should participate in the democratic process while it is still free and easy in Oak Bay and other jurisdictions where it is practically moribund.

So, to apply the Church’s ‘preferential option for the poor’ on the political stage, a poor but wise person (or persons) in Victoria with a couple of compassionate resident elector friends in Oak Bay could be nominated to stand for one of the vacant Oak Bay Council seats, or even the vacant Mayor’s seat, for that matter!

There are four vacancies on the Oak Bay Council, including one for Mayor, and very few candidates so far declared.

Liveline for filing papers is Friday, October 14, 4:30 p. m.

So, if you know anyone who wants to stand up for life, liberty, peace, common sense, lower residential and commercial property taxes in Oak Bay to stimulate the local economy and create employment, please encourage them to pick up the forms at the Oak Bay municipal hall, or phone me:

250 382 97 67.

Pax Christi

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell


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