Free Democracy in Oak Bay! ‘Let the Revolution begin,’ as Dr. Ron Paul says: Four empty seats on 7 seat Council, 5 incumbents, 6 declared candidates as of Oct. 7…

There are seven seats on the Oak Bay Council, one for the Mayor, and the other six held by Councillors.

The longstanding Liberal Mayor, Christopher Causton, is not seeking re-election, but two of his present Councillors, NDP Crown Prosecutor Nils Jensen, and Hazel Braithwaite, are seeking to fill his seat.

Councillor Allan Cassidy died this year and his seat will be replaced by a newcomer.

Three incumbent Councillors are seeking to be re-elected: Pam Copley, John Herbert and Tara Ney.

By my poor calculating, that means that four seats are vacant.

As far as I am aware, there are now six declared candidates for the Oak Bay Council, the above five, and myself.

The Oak Bay News reports that businessman Kevin Murdoch is likely to stand, and that Corey Burger and Michelle Kirby, former candidates, are also still deciding.



NOVEMBER 19 2011

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