Karen Kwiatkowski: ‘We all know that only Dr. Paul and a very few brave souls are telling us the truth, and showing us the way.’

The next logical phase of the domestic empire is an ugly one. We should expect increasingly public proclamations by the American government that it actually owns us. The state’s vision is this: Property as state-controlled, movement of people only as permitted by government, and people themselves as cared-for livestock. All this is coming in the collective mind of the political class. Happily, there’s no “real” money to pay for it all. The American foreign empire and our modern American presidents, widely seen by the rest of the world as a collective waste of time and money, and increasingly annoying. I believe the domestic empire is increasingly seen by millions of actual Americans in exactly the same way – as a huge waste of money and time, and increasingly annoying.

The way I see it, on both domestic and international fronts, what’s coming next for America is promising and exciting. But getting over our misconceptions, our misplaced trust, and our national habits of politics will not be easy. I think this is why the life and accomplishments of Ron Paul in past decades, and his current and future service to this country is so incredibly essential. And it is why getting liberty and truly small government candidates out in front of Americans, to persuade, and to inspire, and to lead, is so incredibly important.

I’ll close with a little story about the guy I seek to replace in Washington. He’s a typical politician. He talks like a conservative but always votes to borrow more, to spend more, and to regulate more. He’s cozy with lobbyists, and always looks out for his own interests instead of listening to the people in our district. He’s just an average Congressman. But one of his constituents asked him a question exactly one year ago, in a private face-to-face moment. My friend asked his ten-term Congressman this question. It went like this: “Be honest. How much longer do we really have in this country?”

Now you might imagine that this Congressman would have not understood the question, or perhaps that he wouldn’t have known the answer, or wouldn’t have wanted to answer the question. But our Congressman said this: “We have about ten years.”

Well, according to my Congressman, we now have nine years left. You’d expect, that if a member of Congress had an idea that the track they had this country on, for decades now, was heading straight into the side of a mountain, that that member of Congress would stand up, say something. Do something different. But we all know that only Dr. Paul and a very few brave souls are telling us the truth, and showing us the way.

I’m running for Congress, in part to try and model the courage and honesty that I admire in Dr. Paul. The future is not coming, it is already here. Right here, right now, in this room, and all over the country. What a blessing and a joy it is to be on the leading side, and to be able to both witness and participate in the reduction of the state, the falling away of empires, and the rediscovery of liberty in America.





October 7, 2011

LRC columnist Karen Kwiatkowski, Ph.D. [send her mail], a retired USAF lieutenant colonel, blogs occasionally at Liberty and Power andThe Beacon. To receive automatic announcements of new articles, click here or join her Facebook page. She is currently running for Congress in Virginia’s 6th district.

Copyright © 2011 Karen Kwiatkowski

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