Linda Lisa McGrew, Green Party volunteer, poses as an ‘independent candidate’ in a slate of 4 endorsed by Open Victoria, supposedly ‘not ideologically driven political party’

OPEN VICTORIA is an electoral organization. We have already endorsed four independent candidates for the November 19 municipal election – and welcome others who share our principles to join the team.

Meet our first three candidates, who will bring a wealth of personal and business experience to City Hall:


Paul is a government consultant who has providing advice and training on financial, procurement, risk and performance management to provincial, state and territorial governments in the Pacific Northwest for 23 years. “We need to ensure our City realizes its greatest potential,” Paul says. “This means retaining our sense of community, our culture and our heritage, while embracing opportunities for the future. I am running because taxes and expenses at City Hall are both rising much faster than the rate of inflation, and this poses a serious threat to the social and economic health of our City.” Visit Paul’s campaign website


Linda is director of the Cetus Research and Conservation Society. The holder of a B.Sc. and an MBA, she has run small businesses in Victoria and internationally, speaks Mandarin Chinese, and volunteers for the BC Green Party and the Victoria police department. “The Open Victoria team offers sound financial leadership, and a vision to transform the closed culture at City Hall,” Linda says. “I also believe in a more sustainable community, which is both environmentally and business oriented. As councillor, I want to support people in making healthy life choices for themselves and their families, and also facilitate our City in making healthy choices for the global environment and local economy.”


Aaron grew up in Fernwood, and his family has been part of Victoria since the 1850s. As a realtor, commercial oyster fisherman, and father of two children, he has seen many sides of this city – just as he did growing up, helping his parents run the Mustard Seed Food Bank. “I have always wished that there was a way that we as citizens could have an impact on what goes on in City Hall,” Aaron says. “Open Victoria is going to make that possible.”


Sukhi graduated from UBC’s faculty of pharmaceutical sciences in 1975, and became the director of pharmacy at Victoria’s Priory Hospital. A dedicated teacher to pharmacy students, in 1996 he also opened an independent pharmacy practice in downtown Victoria. “Although I live in Langford, I have travelled to the City of Victoria almost every day since 1976,” says Sukhi. “I’m running for council in Victoria because many of my friends have stopped coming downtown. They say it is dirty, that they do not feel safe. I bring my caring experience, and the ability to make good business decisions, to debate and vote on decisions that affect the City of Victoria. I believe that the business community, the labor unions, and all other community groups must collectively use their resources to make Victoria the place we want it to be.”

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