Gregory Hartnell, Victoria antiglobalist artist-historian, cites anti-war pro-life veteran flight surgeon Dr. Ron Paul, Presidential candidate who promotes Austrian School of economics, in announcing his standing for 1 of 3 vacant Oak Bay Council positions in November, 2011 election

I am a former resident of Yale Street in the 70s, Beach Drive in the 80s and Hampshire Road after 9/11, who still worships at Saint Patrick’s Church on Haultain, borrows books from the Monterey library, does not believe the Globalist New World Order war propaganda and lies of the ‘lamestream media’ and instead reads alternative free papers like AgoraCommon Ground, Epoch Times and Focus.

We have cancelled our subscription to the Victoria Times Colonist because of its warmongering, lies about 9/11 and demonization of Muslims.

I use the bank in the village (but don’t really trust the ‘banksters’).

I shop for increasingly expensive produce with my dear wife across the street.

We patronize the galleries, restaurants and independent shopkeepers of this lovely leafy suburban village, designed as a ‘Garden City’.

I am a 58 year old student of Modern European and Latin American History (University of San Francisco, California, BA), and believe that the prudent economic principles of the Austrian School of economics, as espoused by Dr. Ron Paul, 75, have stood the tests of time.

This wise old pro-life gynecologist-obstetrician has delivered more than 4,000 babies, has authored half a dozen books on ecomomic policy based on free markets and sound money principles (gold and silver standard), has a Campaign for Liberty, is a twelve term Texan Congressman and pro-peace anti-militarist Viet Nam war veteran flight surgeon who is now in the top tier of the Republican presidential candidates.

As a married man, and a responsible property-owning citizen with a common sense understanding of practical economics, I am concerned to ensure that Oak Bay’s government shrink in its ambitions, costs and size, in order that more new jobs are created here, as a natural consequence of less burdensome residential property tax bills.

So as not to repeat the unnecessary aesthetic, fiscal and social problems associated with the as yet unfinished Oak Bay Beach Hotel, I would work to limit apartment, commercial and domestic buildings in Oak Bay to four storeys in height only, and require more bona fide assurance from the applicant developer’s bank that the necessary financing for the proposed project was strictly in order.

I am opposed to the CRD plans for a costly sewage treatment plant that is not mandated by pertinent scientific data.

I support the less costly alternative advocated by Responsible Sewage Treatment Victoria, but only when the supporting science is incontrovertible.

I do not believe that the District of Oak Bay is legally or constitutionally bound by socialist stimulus mandates for such unnecessary ‘sewage treatment’ from senior governments.

I also firmly believe that property taxpayers in Oak Bay must be protected from out-of-control non-accountable central planning by the Capitol Regional District.

There must be an overwhelming citizen participation rate of at least 66% of electors, and 66% of that cohort must endorse any proposed bylaw to mandate such major borrowing and spending for any major public works project.

As we seem to be entering a global depression, now is certainly not the proper time to undertake such costly projects.

Therefor, I am also completely opposed to grandiose ‘greenwashing’ plans to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on Light Rapid Transit.

A compassionate preferential option for the poor must inform our transit policy, but bus rides should not be free for everyone, as some socialist planners advocate.

Disabled, homeless, unemployed and other poor citizens should be able to ride free on public transit buses in the Capitol Region.

Citizens who are employed and can afford bus tickets should continue to pay for them, but the price of these tickets should be frozen for at least a year, and reviewed annually.

I do not believe that any further money, resources or time should be spent by Oak Bay Council co-operating with bogus ‘climate change’ studies or initiatives of any sort whatsoever.

Nor should the District of Oak Bay co-operate with the present Liberal Government (or any subsequent government) of the Province in phoney carbon tax schemes which only discourage the awakened citizenry and reward tax-exempt polluters, while taking revenues out of the hospitals and schools.

Real environomental concerns on the minds of the people of Oak Bay include dangerous radiation from so-called ‘smart meters’, toxic geo-engineering chem trails polluting the air and our vegetables, and dangerous, unwanted and unannounced nuclear ship visits.

I do not hear a great clamoring for any further ‘climate change’ spending in Oak Bay, rather I witness a great awakening of the citizenry to the junk science of this Globalist fraud, based on highly suspect eugenicist philosophy, and a nasty anti-human population control agenda.

As an historian I am concerned to effectively stop the tendancy of all governments, and particularly the government of the District of Oak Bay, toward police corruption, bureaucratic expansionism, creeping militarism, higher taxes, Council and bureaucratic secrecy, and counterproductive Keynsian socialist ‘stimulus’ spending.

Therefor, late today, I filed papers with the Electoral Officer of the District of Oak Bay, to stand for the position of Councillor in the upcoming election.

I encourage all Concerned Citizens in Oak Bay to read this GPMH blog on a daily basis, for a truly revolutionary critical political analysis of the current Globalist economic crisis, as it pertains to Oak Bay, Vancouver Island.

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Artist-Historian

1357 Rockland Avenue,

Victoria, V8S 1V7

Tel. 250 382 97 67






NOVEMBER 19, 2011


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