OCTOBER SURPRISE: Time for a Paulite ‘Tea Party’ Revolution in Oak Bay?

Which is the most decadent of the four core municipalities in the capitol city of the province of British Columbia?

Saanich is remarkably complacent under their corporatist mayor and inept Masonic police department (remember the Lindsay Buziak murder), with the worst suburban planning department on Vancouver Island, this side of sprawling Nanaimo.

Victoria’s downtown is disgraceful after three years of Fortinite socialist incompetence, with many homeless beggars all over the place, still clearly left unloved and uncared-for by the City of Victoria’s heartless and useless social workers, and consequently with the tourism business down seriously.

Victoria is an open sore of socialistic stimulus spending, faux heritage philistinism, constant police scandals, construction industry corrupted-politicians, and craven acquiesence to the Military Industrial Complex (dangerous nuclear subs and aircraft carriers’ berthing in Victoria Harbour).

Esquimalt is similar to Victoria in many respects, with the most obvious difference between them being that in that western municipality the tyrannical power of the Military Industrial Complex is obviously more evident.

But I would have to say that of all of the four core municipalities of what used to be called ‘Greater Victoria’, Oak Bay is the most ripe for a Ron Paul-style Revolution right now.

Decadence abounds in Globalist Oak Bay, symbolized by the hugely out-of-scale and still unfinished Oak Bay Beach Hotel project, which is frankly a concrete monstrosity and a real blight on the landscape of that beautiful treed eastern shored municipality, and should never have been approved by Mayor and Council, neither in terms of density, height, nor ‘footprint’.

Liberal Mayor Christopher Causton, who dominated the municipality for about a decade, is thankfully now history, and there appears to be a power vacuum now in Oak Bay.

Harrassed residential and commercial property taxpayers in Oak Bay, like those all across the province under the Globalist corporation-friendly ‘Liberals’, can not afford any more hikes in their property taxes.

We the people don’t like ‘smart meters’, carbon taxes, chem trails or so-called ‘safe injection’ sites either.

Who represents our legitimate interests?

Certainly not the  decadent Liberals, the reckless stimulus-addicted socialistic NDP nor the irrational Gloablist Greens (the worst of the eugenicists).

All of the above are Globalist eugenicist parties, hell-bent on destroying our lives, our liberties and stealing our hard-earned investments, property and wages.

Who are the reasonable non-socialist and non-corporatist defenders of fiscal accountability, science-based conservation and Liberty in Oak Bay?

Who are the new non-incumbent candidates for the Mayor and Council of Oak Bay?

Who are the new anti-Globalist candidates in Victoria, for that matter?

Is it finally time for a Paulite Revolution in Oak Bay and/or Victoria?

Frankly, it’s long past time for such an anti-war, common sense, low tax, peaceful, reasonable, pro-Liberty Revolution everywhere, actually (that is to say, RIGHT NOW!).

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Historian

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition


12 Responses to OCTOBER SURPRISE: Time for a Paulite ‘Tea Party’ Revolution in Oak Bay?

  1. goyodelarosa says:




  2. jon bennett says:

    After reading your article I,m unclear as to what your political bent is.
    Are you a budding Tea Partier,free radical,conservative,??????????
    please define for my enlightenment
    j bennett

  3. goyodelarosa says:





  4. goyodelarosa says:

    The ‘Pacifican Liberty Party’ is an ad hoc circle of the Concerned Citizens’ Coalition, part of the zeitgeist of peaceful citizens’ movements in 2011, a localized version of Dr. Ron Paul’s revolutionary Campaign for Liberty, right here behind the Tweed Curtain in Oak Bay.

    Pacifican Liberty Party principles include protecting Liberty, Life and Peace.

    We advocate small government and sound money, applied to the daunting challenges of reining in corruption, corporatism, bureaucratic empire-building and never-ending tax hikes in the beautiful Garden City of Oak Bay.

    It’s a mix of anti-war, common sense, parental rights, pro-peace, pro-life, pro-liberty, fiscal prudence, anti-totalitarian principles applied to Oak Bay so as to enhance the rights and responsibilities of Oak Bay’s free citizens, and to reduce the role of Oak Bay government intervention in Oak Bay’s free market economy.

    I am a former resident of Yale Street in the 70s, Beach Drive in the 80s and Hampshire Road after 9/11, who still worships at Saint Patrick’s Church on Haultain, borrows books from the Monterey library, reads alternative free papers like Common Ground, Epoch Times and Agora, uses the bank in the village (but doesn’t really trust the ‘banksters’), shops for groceries with my dear wife across the street, patronizes the galleries, restaurants and independent shopkeepers of this lovely suburban village.

    I am a 58 year old student of history, and believe that the principles espoused by the wise old Texan Congressman and Viet Nam war veteran flight surgeon have stood the tests of time.

    As a responsible citizen with a common sense understanding of practical economics, I am concerned to ensure that Oak Bay’s government shrink in its ambitions, costs and size, in order that more new jobs are created here, as a natural consequence of less burdensome residential property tax bills.

    As an historian I am concerned to effectively stop the tendancy of all governments toward corruption, expansionism, militarism, secrecy and counterproductive Keynsian socialist ‘stimulus’ spending.

    I will be picking up nomination papers on Tuesday, I believe, after which I hope to file to stand for the Council.

    Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Artist-Historian
    1357 Rockland Avenue, Victoria, V8S 1V7
    Tel. 250 382 97 67

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