Ben Isitt’s vague platform promise ‘calling for fiscal restraint in the police budget’: effectively supports, offers no challenge for socialist mayor Dean Fortin’s call for ’40 more cops’

Will Ben Isitt support Dean Fortin’s call for ’40 more cops’?

‘As you can see from my platform, I am calling for fiscal restraint in the police budget,’ says Ben Isitt, in as-yet unpublished email to Gregory Hartnell of the Concerned Citizens’ Coalition:

‘Complete a review of the Police Budget and police operations, respecting collective agreements while ensuring that finite tax dollars go toward crime prevention rather than responding to non-threatening behaviour by youth and low-income people.’

For a fair, safe and green Victoria

Posted by  on July 20, 2011

I have decided to enter the race for Victoria City Council!

After consulting with family, friends and political allies, I realize that I have a lot of contribute to making Victoria a fair, safe and green city. I have worked “in the trenches” for more than a decade, volunteering on a number of community causes, and also achieved many personal and career goals, including raising my five-year-old daughter Aviva, publishing two books and teaching history at UBC and UVic. Now seems to be a good time to stand for public office and contribute in an official capacity to the improvement of our city and region.

I look forward to working with you and learning from you in the months and years ahead. Don’t hesitate to contact me: And please — help spread the word to everyone you know: Vote on November 19th. Vote Ben Isitt for City Council. Join me in building a fair, safe and green Victoria.


Hi Gregory,

Thanks for your feedback on the campaign. I have chosen to run for council in this election because it is the most reasonable in light of my family and professional obligations. As you can see from my platform, I am calling for fiscal restraint in the police budget:
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Congratulations, Ben!

I see that Mayor Dean Fortin wants the feds and province to help pay for the Victoria Police Department to hire ’40 more cops,’ as the Mayor puts it.

As you are not contesting the Mayor’s seat, would it be fair to say that you support Mayor Dean Fortin’s efforts to get the senior governments’ help to spend $4,000,000 on these new police?

I certainly hope not, for your the sake of your reputation on social justice.

I cover the story here, copying the Mayor’s public statements on the issue from his own website:

Ben, please don’t tell your readers we need forty more police in Victoria!


Gregory Hartnell

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