MERV WILKINSON: R. I. P. … Terry Gordon’s heartfelt tribute

Merv Wilkinson holds his 12-gauge Browning shotgun. After donating his half of the 31-hectare Wildwood property to The Land Conservancy.


Photo: Darrell Bellaart

I saw him a few months ago and he was very frail in many ways; and not able to walk and get out and about his forests.

So, maybe it is a good thing that he passed before life became living in pain.

We can take solace to know that his forestry work at Wildwood was recognized by foresters around the world and that he made a difference that will last (in spite of The Land Conservancy’s conduct).

And how nice it was for Merv, personally, to get the personal recognition via his Orders of BC and Canada honorary degrees.  

These came late in life after decades of just doing what he knew was a better way of living on the planet; but at least the recognition came before his passing.

I feel blessed that I was able to teach and work with him at Wildwood and the many places we went in Washington and Oregon in the ’90s.

He made a difference to the world without a harsh word or firing a bullet; cannot say that for many people. 


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