Sharon Noble on SAFE WIRED METERS: Open letter to Christy Clark: ‘I frankly don’t care that Campbell signed the contracts, I want you to figure a way of getting out of them. I want what Idaho has. A safe wired meter.’

Dear Premier Clark,
Please find below information on the smart grid being implemented in Idaho. Idaho is not a wealthy state, but it obviously has officials who took the time to study options and decided on one which provides safe, reliable service.
If the public in BC had been allowed input through the BCUC and the government had discussed ramifications of wireless meters with experts, perhaps we too would have the benefit of meters which to not cause fires or damage appliances, irradiate residents, or compromise security.
I frankly don’t care that Campbell signed the contracts, I want you to figure a way of getting out of them. I want what Idaho has. A safe wired meter.
Sharon Noble

Smart Meter Quality And Security

Quality Control

Each smart meter goes through a stringent quality-control process before it is installed. The manufacturers of our smart meters must meet strict electricity metering accuracy standards, including those of the American National Institute of Standards (ANSI) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

All new smart meters come to us with certified factory test results, which we verify by statistical sample testing on every order we receive. Before installing a new meter, we make sure the existing base is functioning correctly. We do this prior to every installation. If the base is not functioning properly, we complete repairs before installing the new meter.

Installation does not involve re-wiring. Instead, the smart meter plugs into the existing base that is already wired to a customer’s service location.There has been no instance of a smart meter causing a fire.

Wired Communications

Smart meters being deployed in Idaho Power’s service territory do not transmit radio frequencies. Our smart meters do not use any wireless communication media or generate any high-frequency signals. Our system uses only wired infrastructure to communicate to and from our smart meters utilizing the low-frequency 60 hertz (Hz) power line signal as the carrier for our communications.

This may be of interest because some smart meter deployments in California have raised concerns that radio transmission,

wireless transmission or high-frequency transmission may pose health risks. The technology we’re deploying is fundamentally different from the technologies in question in California.

Smart Meters Are Secure

Our smart meters do not communicate over public airways or the Internet. We employ cyber-security standards of encryption and isolation to ensure the integrity of the system. And we take effective precautions to protect our communication system physically.

In our system, smart meter communications happen over the power line between each individual smart meter and a secure Idaho Power distribution substation. Communication utilizes proprietary, secure equipment.

There is no meter-to-meter communication. It is physically impossible for smart meters to communicate with anything other than the substation. Typically, the meters communicate with the substation four times daily to collect usage information.

Idaho Power customer data received from smart meters is secure and confidential. It is used only for Idaho Power business purposes. We do not sell customer information, and smart meters have no photo or video capabilities. Idaho Power is not installing or using remote service-disconnectcapability with our smart meter system at this time.


One Response to Sharon Noble on SAFE WIRED METERS: Open letter to Christy Clark: ‘I frankly don’t care that Campbell signed the contracts, I want you to figure a way of getting out of them. I want what Idaho has. A safe wired meter.’

  1. Jerry Flynn says:

    I have a telecommunications background (27 years) so I know something about this subject, and I’ve done extensive research on wireless smart meters. It is absolutely inconceivable to me that, in this day and age, in this great country of ours, we could possibly have such an incompetent and/or ignorant and/or uncaring and/or corrupt government that would allow this travesty to occur! Most of the international scientific and medical health community are in agreement that these meters pose the biggest single threat to human health in the 21st century! And most thinking people know that this is an “industry-sponsored” device – one which adversely affects humans – and every other living thing, plants included. Canadian citizens trust their governments to make informed decisions for them and to pass legislation that is in their collective best interest, which will protect them, their health, their safety and security – all of which will be egregiously violated by wireless smart meters! I simply cannot comprehend a democratic government not being able/willing to listen to the people on such an important humanitarian issue. It’s a sad, sad day. In my view, this issue is of such importance that it will cause the present government in BC to fall.

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