Gregory Hartnell endorses William Vander Zalm to lead new PACIFIC LIBERTY PARTY… With FIGHT-HST RESISTANCE VICTORY, now is time for a new anti-globalist option to decadent false left-right paradigm




The New Democratic Party of British Columbia is a phoney Globalist Socialist party and should not be allowed to co-op William Vander Zalm’s FIGHT HST  resistance victory for its own nefarious purposes.

NDP leaders Carole James and Adrian Dix did not lead the resistance on this issue, but rather only occasionally and opportunistically parroted talking points developed by Bill Tieleman, an NDP partisan Vancouver Point Grey journalist who somehow remained on friendly terms with the real leaders of FIGHT HST, William Vander Zalm and Chris Delaney.

British Columbians vote to scrap HST in referendum

Denis Beauvais []

Fight HST’s Chris Delaney and Bill Vander Zalm led the campaign to defeat the HST.

The B. C. First and B. C. Conservative parties are not sufficiently well organized, nor are they sufficiently grassroots, fiscally conservative, pro-life, nor  Anti-Globalist to properly represent the renascent Pacifican Liberty or Pacific Libertarian wing of the ‘Tea Party North’ movement.

The former party has a website which is moribund, and the latter is led by an ex-associate of Globalist ‘Conservative’ Dictator Harper.


We need to draft our former premier Mr. William Vander Zalm to lead a new Anti-Globalist resistance party in this abused Pacifican province, incrementally asserting much more provincial autonomy and frankly, eventually,  full independent sovereignty.

He is pro-life, fiscally prudent, salt of the earth and a true leader of the ‘little people’ of Pacifica.

He doesn’t cower to the banksters, the corporations, the unions, nor any level of government.

Frankly, William Vander Zalm reminds me an awful lot of that great American Constitutionalist, the ever-young 76 year old anti-war pro-life presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul, and that is a true compliment to Mr. Vander Zalm’s common sense, his passion, and his consistency, qualities that the good Peace Doc also shares.

We must revisit the phoney ‘Canadian’ Constitutional mess the warmongering Globalist parties have created with Ottawa, and a new sovereign independent peace deal for Pacifica should be made with what is left of the rest of an increasingly more unrecognizable, materialistic, militaristic, monarchistic, decadent, eugenicist, Globalist, warmongering Canada.

Sovereign, independent Pacifica needs to have enough autonomy to freely opt out of most counter-productive Globalast Death Culture eugenicist programmes pushed by the warmongering parties, including the NDP, Bloc, Greens, Liberals and Conservatives, all of which believe fervently in anti-human population control pushed by the Gates Foundation, Planned Parenthood, the Rockerfellers and UNESCO.

We could do worse than to study the failures of the Quebecois separatist sovereignists to learn how not to pull the rug out from beneath ourselves, a complete trahison des clercs which allowed that almost exhausted movement to be overtaken opportunistically by the Globalist Socialist NDP in the last Canadian federal election, under the present confused ‘sovereignist’ Socialist Madame Turmel.

The interim NDP leader ludicrously holds membership in three political parties, Bloc Quebecois, Parti Quebeois and NDP, and she sees no ethical contradiction in this absurd posture.

‘Billy the Gardener’ has led the ‘little people’ of Pacifica to just say “no” to the lying BC ‘Liberal’ Globalist Party and their puppet premier, Christy Clark.

Now, the talking point for the Globalists’ Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Victoria afternoon radio show hostess to a University of Victoria Political ‘Science’ prof is: will Christy Clark now have to go on her knees to Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Ottawa, to ensure that B. C. is not ‘punished’ for this betrayal, with the more probable awarding of the $35,000,000,000 military industrial complex ship building deal going to Eastern Canadian shipyards, perhaps even insolvent Davies in Quebec, anywhere but to the  disloyalists in the restless Far Out West?’…

Punish B. C. voters for waking up, following a common sense honest leader, and saying no to paying yet more Globalist taxes to the criminal corporations?

Congratulations, my fellow FIGHT HST referendum signers!

This makes history in the Commonwelth, the monarchists may say, but more importantly, this is the true beginning of


I vote for William Vander Zalm to lead the new Pacific Liberty Party!

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, President

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition



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