Rose Henry pushes her obnoxious racist, sexist entitlement agenda at Take Back Our Power meeting, Chester Scout Hall, Fairfield

Rose Henry is at it again, wondering out loud why it is so hard to get Aboriginal people, the homeless and women in Victoria to vote for her, or to vote at all.

Last night at the second public Take Back Our Power meeting organized by community newspaper publisher Heather Quinn in the Boy Scout Hall on Chester Street in Victoria, the perennial ‘homeless advocate’ suggested that to solve this growing problem of people not voting, it would be good ‘to look at’ mandating a percentage of seats on the Victoria City Council should be held by Aboriginal persons and women.

She did not specify the percentages she had in mind.

She mentioned having just been in Australia for two weeks, emphasizing that the government in that country forces people to vote, punishing non-voters with fines.

She also claimed that a new Australian law mandated that 60% ofall government offices be held by Australian aboriginals.

It was not clear to this writer whether she was referring to elected offices or civil service positions.

To his credit, a former mayoral candidate for the Greens asked her what percentage of the total Australian population was represented by Aboriginals.

She asserted without hesitation that Aboriginals in Australia comprise 60% of the total population of the landlocked continental nation-state.

Rose Henry is misinformed, if Wikipedia can be trusted on its stats on Aboriginal people in Australia (see 2006 stats below).

Rose Henry is pushing an obnoxious racist and sexist agenda of entitlement, which has nothing to do with merit, and everything to do with berating non-aboriginals and men just for being themselves.

If she keeps this up, I will continue to attack her ideas as dangerous, irresponsible and not in the public interest of  the common sense responsible citizens of Victoria.


Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, President

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition


Total population
517,000, 2.5% of Australia’s population (in 2006)[1][2]
Regions with significant populations
New South Wales 152,685
Queensland 144,885
Western Australia 70,966
Northern Territory 64,005
Victoria 33,517
South Australia 28,055
Tasmania 18,415
Australian Capital Territory 4,282
Several hundred Indigenous Australian languages (many extinct or nearly so),Australian EnglishAustralian Aboriginal EnglishTorres Strait CreoleKriol
Majority Christianity, with minority following traditional animist (Dreamtime) beliefs
Related ethnic groups
see List of Indigenous Australian group names

3 Responses to Rose Henry pushes her obnoxious racist, sexist entitlement agenda at Take Back Our Power meeting, Chester Scout Hall, Fairfield

  1. Diane Dillon says:

    You have done excellant work on this and fact finding. I have heard simialr comments about Rose before and I also feel this is a factor about Rose.The divide and conquer does not work and it is the system that has caused problems between people of age, sex, faith and also race.
    I feel it is time for rose to step down and let others step up to the plate. If Rose gets funds donated for her travel then it takes money from the cause that could be well used to feed the hungry and help the homeless. It would appear it is just a cause for Rose
    She did not need to go to Australia to get that information . you mention Heather has a paper where is it found and what is the name of her paper.

  2. goyodelarosa says:

    Thanks for your comments on this particular issue, Diane.

    I analysed Heather Quinn’s first edition of her new Victoria Community News paper here:

    I should mention that Heather is to be commended for producing this paper, and organizing these public meetings.

    However, I question the wisdom of having a man with a history of sex crime convictions ‘moderating’ the meeting.

    I found his style of ‘moderation’ very inept.

    A number of times the meeting degenerated into almost total chaos, as he clearly had no idea how to ‘moderate’ it.

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