Canadian Food Inspection Agency ‘does not expect to find harmful levels of radiation’ in returning Pacific sockeye salmon

B.C. sockeye to be tested for radiation from Japan reactor

Food inspection agency calls move a ‘wise precaution’

 Canadian salmon caught off the coast of B.C. will be tested for traces of radiation from the nuclear disaster in Japan, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has announced.

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in northeastern Japan failed following the earthquake and tsunami that hit the country in March.

The power company which owns the reactor said highly radioactive water (about 100,000 times the normal level) from the reactor had leaked into a trench, contaminating nearby water and the air.

“The monitoring of fish off the coast of B.C. is part of a series of measures intended to monitor the impact, if any, of the nuclear crisis in Japan,” Alice D’Anjou, a spokeswoman for the CFIA, told Postmedia News in an e-mail.

The agency does not expect to find harmful levels of radiation in the fish, D’Anjou said.

“If it’s sockeye (salmon), then it’s a wise precaution,” said fisheries oceanographer Tony Pitcher from the University of British Columbia.


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