New Democratic Party PRE-ELECTION ADVERTISING is unethical, may be ILLEGAL: Socialists politicize City of Victoria-sponsored Folkwest: Mayor Fortin, MLA Fleming, MP Savoie place ads on 1/2 page of festival programme

Contrary to what the New Democratic Party is proposing in Ontario, a total ban on pre-election advertising, Victoria NDP politicians from all three levels of government have placed advertisements in a City of Victoria-sponsored folk music festival currently underway at Royal Athletic Park, owned by the City of Victoria.

The ads for Victoria Mayor Dean Fortin, Victoria Swan Lake Member of the Legislature Rob Fleming and Victoria Member of Parliament Denise Savoie together take up one half of a page in a four page festival programme.

The programmes were handed to every person entering the park festival grounds at the opening yesterday afternoon, which was free.

In the case of Dean Fortin particularly, this is obvious pre-election campaigning, as his full colour ad which takes up a quarter page says in caps:






The Mayor’s candidacy in the November municipal election is assured, but the formal filing of his papers has not happened, nor is the formal election campaign period underway, and so this writer will certainly be bringing this infraction to the attention of Elections B. C., and the provincial minister concerned on Monday.

Mr. Flemings’ ad is in black and white, showing a smiling photo of the politician who, like Dorian Gray, never seems to grow older over the years.

Like Mr. Fortin, his fellow traveller in stimulus-addicted socialism, the Swan Lake MLA provides his website info.

Unlike the big-spending socialist mayor, Mr. Fleming also provides his constituency office address, his telephone number, and an email address, while the Mayor concentrates on facebook and twitter… in other words, he hides behind the so-called social media, and does not provide City Hall’s address, nor his telephone number there, nor his email address.

Dean Fortin’s quarter page full colour ad in the Folkwest programme is very obviously an election campaign ad printed long in advance of the formal election campaign period and produced for public distribution at a free public event in a City of Victoria-owned park, and is therefor a conflict of interest, is certainly questionable ethically and may even be illegal.

Ms. Savoie’s ad is in full colour, but provides little information about herself, except to say that she is ‘MP of Victoria.’

The three ads are blocked together, taking up a full half back page above the fold, so they are hard to miss, even if one were not even to open the programme.

The City of Victoria logo is shown among others at the bottom of the front cover, including Phillips Brewers, The Joint, Monday Magazine (full of ads for whores, ‘escorts’ and masseuses) and something called the Artists and Workers’ Co-operative.


Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Historian

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition



2 Responses to New Democratic Party PRE-ELECTION ADVERTISING is unethical, may be ILLEGAL: Socialists politicize City of Victoria-sponsored Folkwest: Mayor Fortin, MLA Fleming, MP Savoie place ads on 1/2 page of festival programme

  1. Diane Dillon says:

    With regards to the article above. my commnet is have you ever noticed that Rob is always where Denise is and he follows her around byut never has much to say, like a shadow, or peter pan and wendy. Then of course I have a letter of reference for someone from the mayor who was looking for work, the irony is the man he gave a reference letter to was in a 13 hour standoff with SWAT in Victoria in December 2010 at an address on Selkirk. The man destryed the building and said he had a gun then also threatended to kill everyone. He was released in December from a mental institution and then conned his way with another perosn up island where they then committed more offences. break and enter, assault , uttering verbal threats”Do you want to die” and theft.
    The victim was in hospital with multiple injuries and over 12 exrays, a senior. Now what is wrong with that reference letter.
    As far as Denise Savoie goes and there not being much to say about her on the brochure she was handing out or that was being handed out. well what can you say not much. so many people including myself have written and called and she does not respond to issues and or problems in her own office with her staff, There is a human rights comlaint against ehr and her staff with the commission in Ottawa. we pay taxes and get what exactly a big zero. they have the income, the homes , cars and privelidges. and we get to be homeless work for nothing and put up with all of it.
    We pay to be victims by unfair taxation with no service

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