Jim Corr convinced Richard Gage to tour Ireland and Scotland for AE911Truth

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Written by AE911Truth staff
Monday, 25 July 2011 00:00
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Dublin/Dundalk Edinburgh

Our successful 2011 AE911Truth Europe Tour began in a humble way – the way many other speaking engagements take shape. In this case, Lizzy Rigney of Dublin sent a message to our Facebook page saying “You should come to Ireland! The Irish are hungry about 9/11.” What did Richard Gage, AIA, say in response? “Does Ireland really need us?” Affirming the obvious, Rigney introduced us to the famed European rock band The Corrs, whose lead guitarist Jim Corr has been publicly advocating a re-examination of the World Trade Center evidence for quite some time.

Jim Corr of The famous rock band “The Corrs” was adamant that AE911Truth speak to the Irish directly

If the Corrs could sell 30 million recordings, then maybe we can learn something from them. After all, spreading awareness of the World Trade Center demolitions is an uphill climb in Ireland – just like everywhere else. And, in fact, we may have partially succeeded: about 85% to 95% of the Irish who didn’t agree with us before the presentations, or who were unsure, ended up convinced by the evidence.

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