How to get more involved with ARCHITECTS & ENGINEERS FOR 9/11 TRUTH, by Laila Selk (via Diane Dillon)


Dear ___ ____,                                                          
We at Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth thank you for signing our online petition calling for a truly independent investigation into the destruction of the 3 WTC skyscrapers on 9/11.

In so doing you have joined with thousands of other supporters throughout the world who want straight answers to the many difficult questions this unprecedented event has provoked.

Thank you for signing our petition and welcome to AE911Truth.

Please consider taking your commitment a step further:

Become a monthly sustaining supporter of AE911Truth

Volunteer with AE9/11Truth

Watch and share our fact-packed DVD – “9/11:Blueprint for Truth”

Inform those around you with our Evidence CardsStreet Brochures and the 9/11 Investigator Newspaper

Whatever your level of commitment is to enlightening those around you, know that we stand with you and are here as a resource to support you.


Laila Selk, verifications


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