Peace Doc Ron Paul speaks on the CHRISTIAN ‘JUST WAR’ theoretical doctrine or doctrinal theory

Some people call it the Just War Doctrine.

Others call it the Just War Theory.

I am a 59 year old faithful yet skeptical Roman Catholic Canadian man who calls it the latter, although clerics and lay theologians in my decadent Church mention it from time to time as a doctrine.

Doctor Ron Paul, the strict Constitutionalist born in Pennsylvania and now a longstanding Congressman for a coastal district of Texas, calls it both.

My purpose here is not to argue that the concept of the Just War is a doctrine of the Church that should guide governments’ foreign policies, nor that it is merely an interesting theory that has rarely been tested.

I provide a link in the comments section below to an excellent video of about seven minutes’ duration, where the Christian Protestant conservative-libertarian Presidential candidate expounds on his understanding of Just War to an appreciative audience in a sylvan setting.

This is tear-jerking stuff, what with the rousing Aaron Copeland music soaring to rhapsodic heights in the background.

I recommend it as a primer in the basic Revolutionary Freedom philosophy of this wise old man of the G.O.P.

The good Peace Doctor has an amazing ability to conjure up images of a more just, peaceful, prosperous, stable and friendly America.

Filmed in 2008 and still completely topical and relevant, Ron Paul calls the American Government justifications used to enter Iraq and Afghanistan (WMD and 9/11) false.

No other candidate for the Presidency in either party says these things, backed up with such a remarkably consistent voting record characterized by one word: integrity.

I got my post-secondary education at the University of San Francisco, and studied some of the founding documents of the Revolutionary Republic in a course taught by a brilliant Catholic ex-Navy man, the pre-eminent pro-life philosopher of logic in the Bay Area, Dr. Raymond Dennehy.

I can very easily imagine Dr. Ron Paul debating with Dr. Raymond Dennehy on the Just War doctrinal theory or theoretical doctrine, and as brilliant of a logician as I remember my old professor being, he would very likely be beaten soundly in a good old-fashioned debate by the frail gynecologist-0bstetrician.


Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Historian

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition

Victoria, Vancouver Island


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