BC FIRST ENVIRONMENT POLICIES MAKE GOOD SENSE: ‘Inland closed containment’ to replace coastal fish farming; fed-prov co-op ‘plan to restore our wild fish heritage’; green belt ‘community parks plan to replace carbon tax’; ‘clean re-industrialization’ to replace cap + trade



BC FIRST’S new policies seem to be developed by Chris Delaney, former leader of the BC Unity Party, and my fellow candidate in that now defunct party.

There isn’t much happening at BC FIRST’s website these days while that gentleman is busy with former Premier William Vander Zalm fighting the good fight against the dreadful HATED SALES TAX at FIGHT HST.

BC FIRST, which is a brand new provincial party, emphasizes increased autonomy for B. C. (but not outright separatism… yet) and  is getting ready for an imminent election with the posting of a number of different new conservation and environmental policies which distinguish BC FIRST from both the decadent government of the corrupt globalist corporatist-fascist BC Liberals and the equally dangerous globalist corporatist-socialist NDP.

BC FIRST’s new policies on fish farming, protection of wild fish heritage, green belt community parks expansion to replace the useless carbon tax, a ‘clean re-industrialization strategy’ to replace the equally useless cap and trade schemes, and a moratorium on the controversial Site C dam… all of these policies make perfectly good sense to this old school conservationist.

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Historian

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition

Victoria, Vancouver Island



BC First believes BC belongs to all our citizens. We believe our environment should be conserved and protected so British Columbians can use and enjoy it now and for generations in the future.

BC has the most designated park land in all of Canada, but much of it is remote and inaccessible. We will implement a comprehensive plan for environment that includes:

A BC First “Community Parks Plan” to replace the “Carbon Tax”, developed in conjunction with municipal and regional governments to create green belts in and around urban centers providing all British Columbians access to natural lands for fishing, hunting, hiking, camping and sightseeing.

These parks would also form a network of “wildlife highways” connecting to existing larger parks to develop an integrated system that respects the natural migration and ecology of BC wildlife and protects BC’s indigenous plant ecosystems.

A pro-active, BC First “Urban Forests” program that works in cooperation with foundations such as Tree Canada to forest unused or underutilized raw or agricultural lands, with additional incentives for municipalities, businesses and consumers to plant trees and undertake sound environmental and “beautification” practices in urban areas.

A BC First “Clean Re-Industrialization Strategy” to replace “Cap and Trade” legislation, providing major incentives, grants and loans to BC industry to create jobs by re-tooling, rebuilding, and reducing emissions using the latest technological advances to build the cleanest, most competitive industries in the world.

A BC First “Inland Closed Containment” policy for coastal fish farming that provides incentives and credits to businesses to facilitate the changeover.

A BC First / Federal government cooperative plan to restore our wild fish heritage that will allow BC more input and oversight into our province’s fisheries to greatly enhance fish habitat and our system of wild fish hatcheries.

A BC First coordinated environmental / industrial review process that provides preliminary environmental approval to companies for resource development proposals based on a clear and fair set of guidelines before having to spend millions to develop resource based projects or infrastructure.

A BC First development moratorium on the Site C Dam that includes a comprehensive environmental/industrial review to examine the development and use of lower impact alternative energies such as natural gas, bio fuels, wind and tidal to meet BC’s domestic and export energy needs.



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