COMOX COAL PIT MINE LINKED TO ISLAND RAIL UPGRADES: Bill Woollam shows how BC Lib’s spending benefits corporations

Letter re: Coal mine and Island rail upgrade
Bill Woollam <> 

Letter to Editor: regarding Coal mining in Comox and the Island rail upgrade

Regarding getting the TAXPAYER FUNDING to fix the rail way tracks.

Christie Clark announces 7 million to improve the tracks for PEOPLE/tourists/kids/bikes/familes and “freight”. Then she urges MLA Lunny to get the Feds to kick in another 7 million (for people transport of course)  The “freight shipment” part is played down.

So, our governments are going to fix the tracks (for the tourist trade) <and some freight> at TAX PAYER EXPENSE. That is fourteen million dollars worth of fix, which isn’t really a high-speed rail/transit fix at all.

Something stinks (actually more toxic than that).  It is a coal dust = black lung = methane insane, stink.

So they fix the schedule…maybe fill the one car a day….is that really a good reason to spend 14 million dollars for another 30 riders a day?

Or, is it simply a reason to make tax payers pave the way (as originally planned) and foot the bill for COMPLIANCE COAL, RAVEN MINE, dba COMOX coal excavation and pit mining.

Now, they can haul all that 17 years of DUSTY coal down the newly fixed railroad tracks….

What a great deal for the company eh?

Free fix on the way to get the product to the ships….MAKE THE WORKING FOLKS PAY TO FIX THE WAY.  What will the transport of coal do to the Comox area?  What will it do to the Island rail corridor?  Is this the high-speed, transit-rail that Island residents had in mind?

The taxpayer gets the shaft again. Just like with exporting raw logs.  We could have cut half the amount of timber and employed twice the number of BC residents were we to ‘mill’ the timber in BC.  Instead, the government encouraged shipping out of ‘raw’ logs to please specific corporations. That deal brought on the destruction of the booming, BC lumber-mill industry and a resultant massive unemployment in BC communities.

Bill Woollam  (with thanks to Len Walker for his insight)
PO Box 145
Duncan, BC


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