85 DRUNKS ARRESTED IN ONE NIGHT: Victoria Police admit Canada Day celebrations downtown ‘one of the busiest nights in recent years’

About 200 police were out on the streets in Victoria on Friday night, including officers from Saanich, Oak Bay and Central Saanich.

They arrested and incarcerated 85 inebriated or violent people, took 264 calls (compared to 150 normally) ‘and yet it didn’t feel chaotic, the department said,’ according to an article in the War Party monopoly rag Victoria Times Colonist published on Sunday, July 3, 2011.

Since when did celebrating Canada Day become an event orchestrated by the police and the War Party media to corral 35,000 – 50,000 people into a small downtown area, expecting mayhem and violence?

They actually plan these events to be violent, it seems, to give themselves some justification for carrying guns and Tasers to exercise control.

They announce in advance that they expect trouble, and then deploy these ridiculous numbers of police to control the sheeple.

I’m old enough to remember a time when no official Canada Day celebrations were the norm.

Quiet Canadians knew who they were, and didn’t have to get dressed up in Red Ensigns or Maple Leaf flags, put face paint on, get drunk, shout out profanities against perceived enemies, or otherwise make complete asses of themselves acting like obnoxious Gringos, as seems to be de rigueur today.

There were no fireworks, no crowds downtown, no wasted taxpayers’ dollars going into the pockets of the police, and we were a more civilized, less warlike, less violent people in those days… forty years ago.

By the way, today is the 40th anniversary of the death of Jim Morrison of The Doors, to put all of this in some sort of historical perspective.


Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Historian

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition

Victoria, Vancouver Island



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