Silly Canadian Globalist socialist hawk Jack Harris, NDP’s shadow defence minister, wondered if we might call this “regime change.”

Jack Harris at Jack Layton Rally




The Commons: Getting the words right

by  on Tuesday, June 14, 2011 7:37pm – 13 Comments

So the House is almost entirely agreed. Colonel Gadhafi of Libya is an undesirable despot, guilty, it would seem, of various abuses and disgraces, likely up to and including crimes against humanity and thus, through some combination of diplomacy, humanitarian aid and bombs, he must be prevented from doing any further harm to the people of Libya, they who should be allowed to proceed soon enough to freedom and democracy.

Now, if only the House could agree on how best to describe the process by which this general notion might be made real.

“Our strategy is clear,” John Baird proclaimed this morning. “By applying steady and unrelenting military and diplomatic pressure while also delivering humanitarian assistance we can protect the civilian population, degrade the capabilities of the regime and create the conditions for a genuine political opening. At the same time we can bolster the capacity of the Libyan opposition to meet the challenges of post-Gadhafi Libya and to lay the foundations of a state based on the sovereignty of the people.”

On this, the Foreign Affairs Minister asked the House of Commons to endorse a three-and-a-half-month extension of Canada’s involvement in the NATO mission over and around Libya. And it was on the occasion of this request that Jack Harris, the NDP’s shadow defence minister, stood a short while later to wonder if we might call this “regime change.”

Reading from a recent edition of The Globe and Mail, Mr. Harris noted that Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard, the Canadian now leading NATO’s effort, had recently said that “regime change” was not his “job.” “Would the minister confirm that is in fact a correct position,” Mr. Harris asked, “and that is not the role of the military mission in Libya?”

For sure, the Minister would confirm as much, even as he explained why precisely a change in regimes was necessary. ”It goes without saying that at the political level, apart from military issues, all G8 leaders and most actors in the world believe Colonel Gadhafi must go,” Mr. Baird said. “There is a significant and real concern that as long as he holds political power in Libya, a vulnerable population, those seeking the rule of law, those seeking human rights, those seeking freedom and democracy will be at risk.”


2 Responses to Silly Canadian Globalist socialist hawk Jack Harris, NDP’s shadow defence minister, wondered if we might call this “regime change.”

  1. Monti Solecki says:

    A CIA insider says that the rebels we are supporting in Libya are actually Al-Queda, the same Al-Queda we are fighting in Afghanistan. The same Al-Queda which is accused of crimes against humanity. Our government is supporting those who commit crimes against humanity. Is it not treasonous to support ones own enemy? Canadian forces are bombing the Libyan people to protect the Libyan people from being bombed. The hypocracy is breathtaking.

  2. goyodelarosa says:

    Thanks, Monti.

    Susan Lindauer is the ex-CIA asset shown in the RT video that you have embedded in your comment, and I believe that she is much more knowledgeable about Libyan affairs than the nitwit Gringo Globalist imposter posing as the President of the Empire.

    It is absolutely shameful that Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird went over to the Al Aqaeda rebel-held city of Misrata to confer in secret warmaking plans with them against the majority of Libyans who want peace.

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