CANADA’S SHAME: Fighter jets bomb Tripoli night and day

Canadian jet fighters join NATO raids on Tripoli, target armoured vehicles

OTTAWA—Canadian warplanes have bombed the Libyan capital of Tripoli, the military confirmed Thursday.

CF-18 jet fighters took part in four days of targeted strikes over last weekend, said Col. Alain Pelletier, who commands Canada’s air contingent in Italy.

Pelletier could not say whether any of the strikes came close to hitting Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi. He said he doesn’t get day-to-day intelligence on the movements of particular people, but added bombing runs target command and control elements of Gadhafi’s forces.

“So we’re not targeting specific persons,” Pelletier said via telephone to a short briefing of journalists at Defence Department headquarters.

“I cannot say whether or not we got close to a specific person or not, unfortunately.”

The Canadian jets were involved in day and night raids on Tripoli, which has recently been the focus of more intense NATO bombing.

“When we’re talking of targets that are in the vicinity of populations, we’ve been actually targeting at night for some of them, and some others were actually targeted during the day,” Pelletier said. “All of the attacks were extremely successful using our laser guided weapons.”


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