‘Conspiracy theory’ label ‘keeps the people from thinking outside of the televised reality,’ says Bill Woollam @ Blissful Wisdom

Information Warfare 

  • Deconstructs campaigns that sabotage inquiry
  • Exposes common errors in the “9/11 skeptics” literature
  • Chronicles highlights of mainstream press attacks on the 9/11 Truth Movement

Today, the term ‘conspiracy theory’ is used to end dialogue regarding possible false flag operations which our Governments would have us believe are not false flag operations.

The term ‘conspiracy theory’ has been thrown at anyone who dares to question Washington, or even Canadian, reasons for illegal warfare.

The term has been used to marginalize and insult those who dare to investigate outside of Washington/NATO, rubber-stamped, pro-war, televised newscasts.

The term ‘conspiracy theorist’ keeps the people from thinking outside of the televised reality.  

The term ‘conspiracy theory’ is a ruse.

When Government corruption could possibly be exposed, just tell the public that said corruption is just another ‘conspiracy theory’, and the dialogue and investigation is quickly shut down and marginalized.

I compiled a blog about present day deception and misinformation used to ”manufacture the consent of the populace” to support warfare.

Warfare which profits the military/industrial complex and bankrupts the taxpayers who are left footing the compiling war debts.

“Fabricating the Enemy, 9/11, and Rewritten History – Bill Woollam”

Google that or here is the link:

Take your pick of any of the compilations which use videos, documentaries, interviews and articles to enlighten any concerned citizen.

Some of the biggest ‘conspiracy theories’ come from the US Central Intelligence agency to justify further warfare.

See the interview with former FBI Chief, Ted Gunderson.
His interview is titled: “Most Terror Attacks Are Committed By Our CIA And FBI”:

Or view the blog titled:
“Fabricating the Myth of Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda – Bill Woollam”.

Google that or here is the link:

Yes, some conspiracy theories are without evidence and thus make no sense.

However, when investigation is carried out in specific areas, one often finds evidence to expose sinister activity.

Even John Le Carre, in his concluding remarks at the end of his novel ”The Constant Gardener” stated “in the real world the activity of the Pharmaceutical Industry is far more sinister than anything I have portrayed in this novel”.

Likewise, one does find ‘a lack of evidence’ and weak justification for NATO declared warfare today, for example: basing a war on Iraq on known falsified evidence of weapons of mass destruction.

This is a time to ”think” outside of ‘televised reality’.

Warfare today is called “peacemaking”.

Middle Eastern citizens defending their homeland from NATO military assaults are called ”insurgents” and ‘terrorists’.

Death of foreign citizens by NATO missile attacks is called ”collateral damage”.

Daring to questions lies and misinformation by Western Government leaders is called ”conspiracy theory”.


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