Why I thanked God today for Elizabeth May’s courage, prayed for the conversion of our Death Culture WAR PARTY enemies in the Canadian parliament, and for Libyan peace




[Lars Hagberg photo]

Canada is a barbaric place where the violent thug sport of ice hockey is a kind of voracious pagan cult, demanding constant blood and chaos, and sore loser anarchist bozos running amok in Vancouver are the logical consequence of a fascist corporatist warmongering Parliament that reflects the cultural poverty of the Death Culture’s Globalist War Party in Canada today.

With one brave dissenting voice, Green Party of Canada Leader Elizabeth May stood in the Canadian House of Commons against an almost-unanimous band of barbaric Canadian Globalist warmongering politicians, eager to inflict three months’ worth of more cruel damage, destruction and death on the Libyan people.

I thanked God at Mass today for Elizabeth May, and prayed for her to receive Holy Wisdom.

It should be noted that I am not renouncing my former criticisms of Miss May, however I do recognize the extraordinary courage it takes for her to maintain her solo position as the lone voice for peace and sanity in Libya, as far as continued Canadian Forces military involvement is concerned.

She is apparently the only one of the present sorry lot of Globalist Canadian Parliamentarians who realizes that the Harperites have been tricked by ‘Al Qaeda’ into supporting the so-called  East Libyan rebels, which are one and the same thing, and all of it ultimately run for the banksters by the sinister and unaccountable shadow government of the CIA.

Let’s also remember the shameful antics of almost all of the Canadian politicians who voted to extend the tour of duty of the Canadian Forces in Libya, with the sole exception of Elizabeth May.

Yes, all you deluded NDP corporatist socialists in Victoria, your fellow traveller in solidarity with the poor, Denise Savoie, the New Democratic Party Member of Parliament for Victoria, voted with the rest of the sold-out NDP corporatist socialists and what is left of the Liberals, to continue to bomb Tripoli and other Libyan centres, for three more months.

All lovers of Christ’s holy peace, anti-war activists, anti-globalists, pacifists, and other peaceful independent Pacificans, contantly harrassed by the Globalists’ Canadian War Party to send our children to never-ending wars, need to pray for our enemies, as the Messiah told us to do.

Thus, I prayed for ALL of the nasty Harperites and all the rest of the warmongering Canadian Parliament today, that  they would come to know the true Peace of Christ.

I also prayed for the Libyan people, harrassed by Canadian Globlalist War Party aggression, that they would come to know the same holy thing.

G. P. M. P.


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