Marie Josee Drouin @ St. Moritz, Suisse: ex-buddy of Conrad Black, third wife of Henry Kravis: BILDERBERGER 2011



Personal life

Marie-Josée Kravis was previously married to Charles Dutoit in 1982 and is currently the wife of Henry Kravis, whom she married in 1994. She and her husband have been active philanthropists in the United States and internationally.[4]

Kravis and her husband reside in their homes in New York City, Southampton (New York), Meeker (Colorado), Palm Beach (Florida) and Paris (France). Their main residence is a Park Avenue triplex.[4]

Marie-Josée Kravis and her husband have attended the Bilderberg conference. Kravis was on the board of Conrad Black’s Hollinger International from 1995 to 2003, and took the stand at his trial for fraud and obstruction of justice. Kravis testified that the board of directors knew nothing about the non-competition payments that enriched Black and David Radler.[2][4]


Along with her husband, Marie Josee Kravis is a major figure in the New York philanthropy community, and are together ranked as the 25th highest donating individuals according to The Chronicle of Philanthropy. Also along with her husband, she has been a major contributor to The Lincoln Center for the Performing ArtsThe Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria, and Carnegie Hall.[5]

Kravis is also an active leader in the Henry R. Kravis Prize in Leadership, which is awarded for innovations in non-profit work. At the Mount Sinai Medical Center, she serves as a major patron and has helped to raise $30 million for their Heart Research Center. The center was named the Marie-Josée and Henry R. Kravis Center for Cardiovascular Health, which later merged with the Zena and Michael A. Wiener Cardiovascular Institute to form The Mount Sinai Heart Cardiovascular Research Institute.[6] At the Museum of Modern Art, she was appointed as president in July 2005, and has donated $10 million to the Museum. Additionally, she is a trustee at The Institute for Advanced Study and the Hudson Institute, as well as a supporter of the Metropolitan Opera, The New York Philharmonic, and the Hermitage Collection at Somerset House, London. She is a trustee and former Chairman of the Robin Hood Foundation.[7]


In 1976, while working as an economist at the Hudson Institute in Canada, Drouin accompanied Jean-Pierre Goyer, a minister in the government of Pierre Trudeau for whom she had previously worked on vacation in Mexico. The trip was controversial because only family members were allowed to fly free of charge with cabinet ministers. Goyer, however, defended the trip on the grounds that Drouin was his common-law wife.[8]

Drouin was a board member at Conrad Black‘s Hollinger International until late 2003. Black was later charged with fraud and obstruction of justice. Drouin was forced to take the stand at Black’s trial in 2007, and testified that she had failed to spot the corporate malfeasance during her tenure. Drouin left the board of Ford in 2006, Vivendi in 2005, and IAC in 2006..[4]


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[Wikipedia entry for Drouin, Marie-Josee]

3 Responses to Marie Josee Drouin @ St. Moritz, Suisse: ex-buddy of Conrad Black, third wife of Henry Kravis: BILDERBERGER 2011

  1. goyodelarosa says:

    Marie Josee Drouin, a Quebecoise who worked for Pierre Trudeau and acted as a ‘common law wife’ for one of his already married ministers on a controversial trip to Mexico, is listed as an American citizen under her third husband’s last name (Kravis), in this list of 2011 Bilderberg attendees found at Alex Jones’ Infowars.

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