Shepard Fairey sells out the Peace Movement: influential graphic artist endorses illegal unjust wasteful Obushaman war on Libya

Shepard Fairey graphic

Finally got that answer from Shepard Fairey in regards to his stance on the recent US led-UN Military action in Libya

.(Read full text here)

Truthfully my hope was that Shepard was not going to tow the party line, that this was a humanitarian issue, and that he would condemn Obama for ordering these attacks that would definitely be killing innocent people.
I could not have been let down any harder.Attempting to dismiss any accusations that it was hypocritical to not criticize Obama’s wars while at the same time criticizing Bush’s wars he wrote
“Libya is very different than Iraq.
“The U.S. started the war in Iraq.
“In Libya there was already a popular uprising underway and it began to fail… possibly leading toward a massacre of those who rose up against the dictator.”
You mean like Saddam may have POSSIBLY had weapons of mass destruction.
Really I don’t see much of a difference.
I also don’t believe that the current United States Military Industrial Complex can or will act out of anything but their selfish imperialistic interests.
So by getting involved in this POPULAR uprising chances are AMERICAN IMPERIALISTIC influence would only taint the victory if it were achieved.
Shepard shows us here that he still has trust for the war MACHINE. Essentially he still OBEYS the war machine!
[For a link to the Ham Blogger Man article, please refer to the link in the comments section.]
Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Historian
Concerned Citizens’ Coalition
Victoria, Vancouver Island
British Columbia CANADA

3 Responses to Shepard Fairey sells out the Peace Movement: influential graphic artist endorses illegal unjust wasteful Obushaman war on Libya

  1. goyodelarosa says:

    The Ham Bloggerman:

    Very cool!
    Always happy to see that the idea of peace and keeping it real is resonating with others.
    How Shepard gets away with his act as an activist for social justice and then promotes the murder machine is a testimony to the power or today’s powerful PR campaigns.
    As a tool of the war machine Shepard is giving great cover to the commandor in chief as he contntinues the HOAX WAR ON TERROR that will bankrupt this country both economically and morally. As these foundations of our sovereignty are done away with our affiliation with these multinational unions like NATO will increase just as we see in Libya today! Today people say they are fighting for America but are really taking orders from the UN.

    I will make sure to stay linked up to you site. Thanks again.

  2. goyodelarosa says:

    Thanks for appending that English film on the ‘Global Warming Swindle’, one of the best such exposes on one of the greatest of the globalist scams.

    Very bizarre to note that an early believer in both ‘anthropogenic global warming theory’ and ‘clean and safe’ nuclear energy as the supposed answer to C02 was none other than Margaret Thatcher…

    Thatcher, Gore, David Suzuki, Maurice Strong, what a cast of suspect characters, eh?

    Dr. Tim Ball is featured, one of the first of the brave dissenting scientists to be attacked in Canadian courts.

    He has moved here to Victoria, and is being sued, I believe, by by a climate change fanatic by the name of Dr. Weaver of the University of Victoria.

    I believe it has something to do with this issue and defamation, perhaps… free speech is apparently under attack here in Canada.

    That will be a trial to watch…

    Thanks for your comments, and please come back and comment again.

    Both Victoria and San Diego are army and navy towns, and we get nuclear ship visits too often here.

    That’s when the Gringo military police patrol the streets of Victoria to make sure the ‘humanitarian Imperialist’ sailors from the nuclear subs or aircraft carriers don’t get in too much trouble at night in town…

    I note with regret that our sold out fascist dictator, ‘Prime Minister’ Stephen Harper has just told us we are staying longer in Libya, or that is what he wants to tell the Canadian people, anyway…

    That, and Saleh in Yemen has to go…

    We have a hoodlum globalist militarist Zionist-double agent posing as the head of the government of the Canadians and the Quebecois, and he is already acting even more imperial and grandiose since the strengthening of his so-called ‘Conservative’ Party in the recent election.



    Gregory Hartnell (‘Goyo’)

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