THE PEACE DOCTOR: Ron Paul says he wouldn’t have invaded Canada if Bin Laden had been hiding in Montreal

Dr. Ron Paul is the only reasonable candidate for the Presidency who has denounced the aggressive deadly illegal pilotless drone attacks on Pakistan and the invasion of that country’s sovereignty by the United States of America in its recent ‘raid’ on a compound in Abbottabad, where the Gringos claim to have found CIA bogey Osama bin Laden (OBL).

On a recent interview with John King of CNN, Dr. Paul said that had he been President, he would have carried out the search for the mythical fugitive in a different manner, adding that had ‘bin Laden’ been hiding in Montreal, he wouldn’t have invaded Canada’s sovereignty without telling the Canadian government, as happened recently in Pakistan in the staged OSL psy-op.

In most interviews these days, corporatist mainstream media pundits such as Mr. King try desperately to portray Dr. Paul as some sort of haughty and heartless Social Darwinist who would ignore domestic and foreign problems in his obsessive concern to reinstate ‘sound money’ policies (based on the gold standard), reversing the tanking Gringo economy, and bringing all American troops home from the futile foreign wars.

These feeble efforts to try to tar brush him with an extremist label are laughable, as the wise old doctor always manages to deflect and effectively counter such attempts at character assassination with his patient, consistent explication of the foresight and pragmatism of the Founding Fathers’ strict constitutional limits on revolutionary republican government, and why those principles still apply now.

Dr. Paul’s prospects of winning the Republican Party nomination are certainly much better this time than they were in 2008, if polling data is anything to go by, as Obushama’s reckless spending on foreign wars, shocking bail-outs of foreign banks, corrupt crony system in the central private so-called ‘Federal Reserve Bank’, the alarming increased growth of intrusive domestic terror techniques, including full body radiation scans and sexually invasive ‘pat-downs’ at American airports, all point to an increase in domestic totalitarian control if the decadent incumbent is returned.

The more Obushama acts like a demented dictator of the Death Culture, the better the good Peace Doctor Paul’s prospects of beating him become.

[Please refer to the comments section for a link to the John King interview with Dr. Ron Paul on CNN.]

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Historian

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition

Victoria, Vancouver Island

British Columbia, Canada




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