BC ‘Liberal’ government provided $94.5 million to establish Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, largest single endowment contribution to universities in Canadian history






Climate change is the most significant environmental, social, cultural and economic threat facing humankind.


In 2007, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concluded that evidence of global warming is unequivocal, that it is caused by 

greenhouse gas emissions from human activity, and that it is threatening ecosystems, societies, cultures and economies worldwide. 


Governments, industry, society and individuals must act immediately and decisively to implement practical solutions.


British Columbia has already taken the lead in Canada by setting ambitious targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 


Meeting those targets, while adapting to the impacts of climate change, requires solutions founded on sound research and economic 

reality, technological innovation, and fundamental changes in societal and individual behaviour. 


Supporting the vision 


The BC government is providing $94.5 million to establish the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions.


A $90-million endowment—the largest single contribution to a university endowment in Canadian history—will ensure that it operates in perpetuity.


The endowment will generate approximately $4 million annually to support graduate fellowships, internships, salaries and research projects on climate change impact and adaptation.


The other  $4.5 million will be used for start-up costs. 


Seizing economic opportunities 


Climate change presents many challenges—and many opportunities. 


Being the first to develop innovative climate change policies will bring enormous economic advantage.


BC already leads Canada in its commitment to tackle climate change.


The institute will cement that competitive advantage.


It will advise government and industry on how to enhance  BC’s investment climate for green industries; identify new technologies, economic opportunities and challenges; and promote commercialization of the best and brightest ideas. 


Training the next generation 


The institute will provide educational leadership on climate solutions.


3 Responses to BC ‘Liberal’ government provided $94.5 million to establish Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, largest single endowment contribution to universities in Canadian history

  1. goyodelarosa says:



  2. monroe says:

    Man made climate change, from every angle I can see, is a swindle and a hoax.
    BC Liberals are suckin it up.It’s discusting.

  3. goyodelarosa says:

    This dubious research is a wasteful disgrace to the Province of British Columbia’s sold-out corporatist government.

    That money provided to parasitic ‘scientists’, captive to a suspect globalist population control strategy, could go a long way toward helping solve some of our more pressing social problems, such as housing the poorest of the poor among us, our homeless brothers and sisters.

    The trouble is, the government in waiting, the socialist NDP, also believes in this pseudo-science and they are firm believers in carbon taxes, and other such schemes to discourage petroleum use… leaving reasonable voters without any democratic recourse.

    I am not sure about the BC Conservatives or the new BC First Party, but I would assume that they should be against such carbon taxes and cap and trade schemes.

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