National Security Advisor Tom Donilon contradicts Obushama on CNN/YouTube video interview with Candy Crowley: ’50/50 certainty’ vs. ’55/45 certainty’





Le NPD est domine par les Quebecois pacifistes separatistes maintenant…


  Have Thomas Mulcair and Libby Davies had quite enough of being bullied by their Obushama-worshipping NDP Leader Smilin’ Jack Layton, to shut up about the strange anomalies and obvious lies in the semi-sacrosanct ‘official version’ of the 9-11 events and the non-existent photos of the Pakistani man the Gringos murdered and who they claim was OBL?

  Here is yet another embarrassing inconsistency in the Biggest Lie of the Century: Obushama tells the ’60 Minutes’ audience on one network last night that he was ’55/45′ sure that OBL was in the Pakistani ‘compound.’

  However, Tom Donilon, the Emperor’s National Security Advisor told Candy Crowley of CNN a day before that the ratio of certainty was even less than that, that in fact it was a 50/50 draw in terms of certainty.

  No actual sitings of the notorious terrorist suspect backed up the ambiguous so-called ‘intelligence’ that Emperor Obushama interpreted as so conclusive.

  So, basically, we, the ‘sheeple’, are being asked to approve of a supposedly ‘justified’ planned murder of a suspect that has never been seen by the CIA in Abbottabad, a quasi-mythical suspect who was the supposed ‘9-11 mastermind’ who has now conveniently disappeared (the cadavre disposed of somewhere at sea), and the whole of the sold out War Party-dominated mainstream media is lapping this garbage up like kitten’s milk.

  It’s frankly all too much for any person of common sense to stomach, and the sooner the New Democratic Party in Canada starts assuming its proper responsibilities as the Official Opposition Party, to effectively question and counter the Globalist nonsense of the so-called ‘Conservative’ Party of Canada, the better off we will all be.

  Let’s reconvene the silent Canadian Parliament immediately and vigorously debate the futile Canadian Forces’ participation in the unjust Globalist war on Afghanistan and the new Globalist war on Libya.

  In the meantime, Smilin’ Jack will not  be able to control 9-11 Truther Libby Davies or missing photo skeptic Thomas Mulcair, nor should he even try.

  All power to the brave Truthers and reasonable skeptics in the New Democratic Party of Canada!

  All power to lovers of peace, truth and justice in Canada, Afghanistan, Libya and Pakistan!

  The Official Opposition can become the vanguard of the peace movement in Canada now, if they recognize the Zeitgeist moment we are all in.

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, President

Concerned Citizens’ Coaltion

Victoria, Vancouver Island

British Columbia, Canada



  Susan Riley, a ‘Liberal’-friendly writer for the warmongering Postmedia daily Ottawa Citizen, mentions  Libby Davies, Thomas Mulcair, NDP Leader Jack Layton and the missing OBL photo problem here:


‘This is going to change so many things,” veteran New Democrat Libby Davies said in the aftermath of her party’s breakthrough on election night. “I think it’s a whole new ball game. It’s going to be a whole new kind of politics.”


That could be true (please let it be true), but a number of things have to change radically, starting with the way the media leap on every unscripted comment, from every politician, declare it a gaffe, then set about finding other politicians to denounce it.


It has just happened to NDP deputy chief Thomas Mulcair, who appeared to question the existence of photos of a dead Osama bin Laden at the end of a recent CBC interview about something else. He, and his party, spent the next several hours dousing the media grass fire; Mulcair blamed his “meandering comments” on a “certain fatigue” and added that, of course, he accepts U.S. President Barack Obama’s word that the photos exist.


But Mulcair was only giving voice to doubts that have been raised in every newsroom in the country, and around many kitchen tables, after conflicting reports from Washington on what happened during the now famous raid on bin Laden’s compound.


And so what if Mulcair is deputy leader of the official Opposition? Canada-U.S. relations are hardly going to be damaged by the uninformed speculation of a minor political figure. Perspective, people.


But unfortunately, the incident serves as a timely warning to those 68 excited, mostly untested new NDP MPs: never blurt out what you think. This is politics; there are no innocent questions.


This is something else that has to change, along with media prissiness: top-down control over caucus by party leaders.


You can understand leader Jack Layton and NDP brass throwing a protective shield around the neophytes -at least until they find their way to the washrooms -but attempts to script their every public utterance will hardly create the “whole new kind of politics” Davies wants.


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4 Responses to National Security Advisor Tom Donilon contradicts Obushama on CNN/YouTube video interview with Candy Crowley: ’50/50 certainty’ vs. ’55/45 certainty’

  1. goyodelarosa says:

    President Barack Obama gave the go-ahead for U.S. forces to raid a northern Pakistan housing compound based on “what was probably a 50-50 chance that Osama bin Laden was there,” his national security adviser said.

    “It was a circumstantial case … But what he had 100 percent confidence in was the ability of our special forces to execute the mission,” Tom Donilon told CNN’s Candy Crowley on Saturday, part of an interview that aired Sunday on “State of the Union.”

    On April 28, Obama attended the last of several National Security Council meetings focused on finding and going after the al Qaeda leader. During that meeting, some advocated for the commando raid while others advised against it, Donilon said, given there had been no clear-cut sightings of bin Laden by that point.

    “He had gotten divided counsel, and that happens a lot in these things, as you would imagine,” Donilon said.

    After a night’s sleep, Obama told Donilon at 8:20 a.m. the next day to draft the order for the raid. By Sunday evening — which was early Monday morning in Pakistan — the 38-minute mission was over, the 25-strong U.S. team having flown out of the country along with bin Laden’s dead body.

    Read more about Obama’s decision from CNN

  2. goyodelarosa says:

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