The Peace Doctor: Ron Paul, a wise pro-life paleoconservative libertarian, is the only ‘Republican’ who can beat warmongering Barry Hussein Soetoro Obushama, Globalist Gringo Liar


 The Good Doctor is in, and he is the real deal, the only one for peace-loving Canadian citizens to watch in the race for the ‘Republican’ Party nomination for the Gringo Presidency, as he is the only one who has developed a cohesive paleoconservative libertarian answer to never-ending war, a deteriorating American economy, massive unemployment and welfare statism.

  Dr. Ron Paul, a veteran Texan Congressman who has been elected numerous times, was identified on the Fox TV screen as a Protestant married father of five children.

  Dr. Paul was referred to by the debate moderator as ‘the founding father of the Tea Party movement’ (which entertainment personalities of midget intellectual capacity like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman have attempted to co-opt in their own pathetic ways).

  Both of these mentally deficient ladies, supposed lights of the Tea Party, were absent from the important South Carolina debate last night… so much for the seriousness of their non-existent presidential campaigns. 

  Establishment hawks Huckabee, Romney, Gingrich and Pawlenty were also apparently absent.

  A supposedly ‘shocking’ CNN poll shows Dr. Paul as having the best prospect of beating the lame lying incumbent ‘Democratic’ president in a hypothetical face to face.

  The poll would be shocking only to non-discerning viewers who don’t realize that the supposedly ‘liberal’ network is essentially no different from all the rest of the corporatist warmongering networks that sustain the Military Industrial Complex with a never-ending barrage of transparent psy-ops, disinformation and false flag operations.

  These hawkish Gringo TV networks, like CBC, CTV, Radio Canada, Global News and Postmedia in Canada, and all the other pro-war corporatist newspaper conglomerates in North America, consistently try to downplay or ignore Dr. Paul, hoping by their avoidance of him that his growing influence will somehow just magically disappear. 

  Dr. Paul was careful to play along with the current nonsense about the dead bogeyman Osama Bin Laden, noting that as he was not found in Afghanistan, so therefor it is time to exit that country and all the rest where American forces have been deployed in costly imperialist campaigns of expansionistic oppression.

  He called for all of the Gringo troops to be brought home immediately, to actually only defend the republic, and to save trillions of dollars wasted on futile foreign wars, thus radically reducing the wasteful military budget by 50%.

  This peace-loving man is old (75) and obviously frail, but intellectually still very vigorous, being the author of numerous books on sound money, a sensible non-interventionist foreign policy, a pragmatic defence policy of only guarding the republic, and real Constitution-based liberty.

  If elected, he would not co-operate with Canadian Dictator Stephen Harper or any other Globalist leaders anywhere in exporting ‘democracy’ through the barrel of guns.

  If elected, Dr. Ron Paul would very likely prove to be the best American Presidential friend Canadians, Mexicans and all of the planet’s peace-loving citizens are ever likely to see in our life times.

  Canadians who loathe the imperialistic tendancies of our own reckless Dictator Stephen Harper should find and support good principled Canadian men and women like Dr. Ron Paul, to deliver us from the obnoxious tryanny of Harper’s hollow so-called ‘Conservative’ Party of Canada which has completely abandoned any principles it once had, and is now practically indistinguishable from the decadent Globalist ‘Liberal’ Party of Canada.

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, President

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition

Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia



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