WARNING TO NDP: Thomas Mulcair + Jack Layton: Watch out, Emperor Obushama may send in the Gringo Navy SEALS to kill you

NDP Leader Jack Layton, new Outremont NDP MP Thomas Mulcair & Bill Tieleman





  Will Obushama send Gringo troops into Quebec should the growing doubts about his nauseating Globalist War Party agenda continue to spread?

  Let’s not forget that Harper and Obushama looked fondly into each others’ eyes in February, promising, without the approval of Parliament or the Congress, to dispatch troops from either country to dispel civil unrest wherever it occurs.

   Thomas Mulcair, a popular bilingual Quebecois deputy leader of the rejuvenated separatist-friendly New Democratic Party, has his doubts about the missing OBL photos.

  So do many millions of other quiet  law-abiding gunless Canadians and Quebecois, too polite to say so in our deferential bourgeois society.

  But it is clear to this writer that Mr. Mulcair’s life is now in danger, because he has committed a major sin against the transparently false Globalist secular pseudo-religious mythology of our time, that Osama Bin Laden was the most evil person in the world, and that his murder was somehow completely justified ethically and legally, mainly because of his supposed responsibility for the horrific events of 9-11.

  The NDP is the now Official Opposition party in Canada, with an impressive contingent of more than a hundred socialist Members of Parliament.

  It’s only hope of forming government is to produce a coherent body of policies that make sense to the Canadian people.

  Those policies would have to include a foreign policy that is based on hard facts, and not on official Globalist ‘Conservative’ government conspiracy theories that defy objective scientific analysis.

  The FBI took OBL off their most wanted list some time ago.

  They knew full well that he was dead not long after 9-11, but he had been useful to their demonic devices as a convenient bogeyman upon whom to project all the anxieties of the brainwashed North American peoples.

  But the great bogus myth that he was somehow responsible, with Saddam Hussein, for the suspicious explosions in New York, Pentagon and Pennsylvania is unsubstantiated by any real facts, while the evidence that he was actually trained and funded by the CIA to cause the Soviets grief in Afghanistan is overwhelming.

  The evidence that 9-11 was an inside job is also quite overwhelming, if anyone without an agenda cares to look at it without prejudice.

  That puts the onus on the Globalist Gringos to come up with a more plausible  grand narrative than the shoddy and incohernet one that they have so far peddled, which they obviously are not prepared to do at this time in their history.

  The American people are now being tyrannized by a liar who is also not that intelligent, and who, frankly, is a menace to all of the civilized world.

  He is a menace to the welfare of all those who, like Mr. Mulcair, express the slightest doubts about the huge Globalist lie, and he is even more of a menace to those who accept his lies on face value, attempting to justify never-ending war. 

  But Mr. Mulcairs’ doubts about the missing photos are well founded and should lead him and his party to investigate more of the obvious inconsistencies in the great Globalist Heresy of the phoney resurrection of the ‘terrorist mastermind monster’ myth they created.

  The only way that the NDP is going to be believed,  the only way they can convince us that they are ready to govern the Canadian people is if they position themselves in complete contradistinction to the lies of the Globalist ‘Conservatives’ of the Dictator Stephen Harper.

  ‘Half-measures’, as they say in the twelve step movement, ‘will avail them nothing.’

  That means that the NDP must become an anti-Globalist party, an anti-war party, and a truly Canadian party that defends our sovereignty, a party that tells the Canadian people the unadulterated truth about the great lies of our time. 

  Find the courage to do that, Jack Layton, Thomas Mulcair and Denise Savoie, and you will form the next Canadian government sooner than you can imagine.

  If you socialists, of all people, do not manage to untie yourselves from the shackles of enslavement to this great evil Globalist corporatist myth, you deserve to fall with Harper, Obushama, Cameron, Berlusconi, Sarkozy and all the rest of the obnoxious warmongering Globalist leaders. 

  David Burke, my good friend and fellow Concerned Citizens’ Coaltion candidate in previous Victoria elections, thinks that Obushama will fall and bring Harper down with him.

  I think that David’s prediction is prescient, but I will go further and say that they will all  fall with Obushama, as long as they keep lying to us.

  Let us pray for the Iraqi, Afghani, Libyan, Pakistani, American, Canadian and Quebecois people, that we will all find wisdom, peace and a way to liberate ourselves from the most oppressive government on earth.


Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, President

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition

Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada


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  1. goyodelarosa says:

    Quebec separatism not dead, despite election blow:


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