Steve, Jack and Liz winners… Gilles and Iggy losers


TWO LOSERS: One Quebecois separatist down…

one Globalist Death Culture President to go


 Listening to her annoying nasal tone, her cringe-inducing self-congratulation, and the awful high pitch of her voice, not to mention the shrill shrewishness of Elizabeth May’s school marmish manner, one comes to an absolutely horrific realization: we have to listen and witness to this spectacle until the next election?

God help us all!

I voted for ‘Peace with Jesus Christ.’

 I felt relieved not to have supported any Globalist candidates who all are in thrall to the Military Industrial Complex, and support unjust wars in Afghanistan and Libya.

Congrats to Liz, Jack and Steve, and their partisans.

Gilles did the right thing by resigning.

Iggy should figure it out and exeunt himself.

Pro-abortion fanatic ex-Marxist Party of India militant Ujjal Dosanj has lost, AND IS RESIGNING FROM POLITICS ALTOGETHER and I am pleased.

I believe that pro-abort ‘Red’ Lib Hedy Fry is also in trouble and that is also all very well.

Pro-abort NDP MP Savoie on the CBC self congratulating the supposed politeness of her fellow partisans.

I am not surprised by the size of the NDP victory, but the size of the Tory majority is alarming, and all the loser Libs and Bloquistes should be ashamed to have let this happen.

By their decadence and weakness, Iggy’s Libs and Gilles’ Bloc have allowed the ‘Conservatives’ to feel vindicated for being Globalist outlaws.


Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, President



One Response to Steve, Jack and Liz winners… Gilles and Iggy losers

  1. Diane Dillon says:

    Since Denise Savoie harbors criminals in her own office , I have no sympathy and she has no credability as far as I am concerned. if she has this in her own office how can anyone trust her as her word is obvioulsy no good. I would like to know who the actual ideal candidate would have been in very real terms

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